Singapore Business Awards 2021

20 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , With more than thirty offices and six R&D centres around the world, BIGO Technology is one of the fastest-growing technology companies of Singapore, having acquired users in more than 150 countries since 2014. Created to connect the world and allow users to share their beautiful moments, BIGO champions an exciting new social language on online platforms showcasing positivity and creativity. The company’s two primary products, Bigo Live and Likee, are global video platforms that fundamentally aim to generate connections across the planet. Bigo Live is a live video platform, on which users can stream their life moments, showcase their talents, interact and enjoy fun live sessions with fellow users. Likee, a popular platform with Generation Z, is a short video creation platform complete with innovative special effects, that inspires creativity and connect likeminded users. In order to achieve excellence in its interactive entertainment experience, BIGO Technology brings together technical experts from across the globe who share industry-leading research in Video & Audio Technology, Intelligent Recommendation, Computer Vision, Speech Recognition and Language Processing. Together, they have created a low latency video and audio product experience that adapts to different hardware environments and optimises sound quality on different communication networks. The use of AI has also facilitated intelligent content recommendation to capture the unique interests of their users, as well as a leading computer vision algorithm and comprehensive detection of real-time content such as lewd content, drug, political terrorism detection and more. Thanks to the work of BIGO Technology’s expert R&D teams, these capabilities are Most Innovative Live Streaming Tech Company 2021 Inaworld that is relyingon technologynowmore thanever tokeepus connected, BIGOTechnology is leading theway innetworkingplatforms designed tobemore funand interactive. Its livevideo andvideo creationplatforms provide a stage forusers to capture and share themost beautiful, creative, inspiringmoments of their lives, thus fosteringanonlineworld that is refreshingly joyful andyet asunique as each individual. Jan21270 Company: BIGO Technology Website: always expanding with the creation of an end-to-end AI platform that empowers algorithmic innovation. Moreover, BIGO Technology’s unique technology can be integrated as a modular platform on enterprise levels as a Broadcasting as a Service (Baas) concept, to help businesses widen their reach and connect in real-time with customers world-wide. The increased connectivity based on live technology, production and operational capabilities has seen improvements in efficiency in the commercialisation of products, whilst its internet content management and segmentation functions work alongside human input to facilitate continual AI learning for greater accuracy. Having enjoyed a strong start to 2021, thanks to its almost 400 million users worldwide, BIGO Technology is reporting momentous growth in the wake of the growing demand for live streaming to replicate real-time connections that have been impaired by the pandemic. This growth is only expected to continue, with major projects like global digital concerts and creation of partnerships across the technology industry worldwide. With that momentum, BIGO Technology is also hoping to give back to its community. As a key technological player in the many countries it operates in, BIGO Technology uses its vast resources to contribute to those communities. In Indonesia, Likee launched a #HazeFreeJarkarta initiative to engage the youth to take a real interest in and raise engagement regarding devastating environmental issues. Last year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Likee’s dashboard aggregated news snippets from reputable media sources and WHO data to keep their users abreast with the latest information. Similarly, Bigo Live broadcasters came together to sing an emotive cover of Michael Jackson’s “We are the world”, garnering over US$100,000 in donations for WHO’s Solidarity Response Fund. This year, Bigo Live has pledged US$100,000 in support of worthy causes via reputable non-profit organisations within the USA. BIGO Technology is using its vast platforms to spread love and hope and to enrich lives across the world. It is also paving the way for the next generation of talent, giving them the launchpad to take technological innovation even further and use it to empower positive change through connectivity. With a mission rooted in connecting the world and sharing beautiful moments, BIGO Technology has established itself as a leader in the movement towards a brighter future for us all. BIGO Technology