Singapore Business Awards 2021

19 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , As a proud member of the non-profit organisation, the Global School Foundation, One World International School is contributing to a global effort to provide high-quality, affordable education to children of all ages across all communities. OWIS, the international school that is ideal for students with expatriate families who are new or long settled in Singapore, aims to create the launchpad for inquiring, compassionate, reflective and lifelong learners, who respect and care for the world and its many cultures. The non-denominational school welcomes students of more than seventy nationalities, and seeks to create a multicultural community of internationally minded learners who acknowledge and honour their responsibilities as global citizens. Combining discussion, cooperation and teamwork with a personalised and rigorous educational experience, OWIS strives to support children develop and grow into their best selves, whilst simultaneously helping to shape the next generation of leaders of global economies. The curricula comprise three programmes, selected for their international reputation and value driven approach that puts students at the centre of learning. The IB PYP, Cambridge, and IBDP each align with OWIS’ culture for inspiring natural curiosity, creativity and a desire for meaningful connections, which can be nurtured into the skills required for a productive and happy life. Unlike public schools and many national-based curricula across Singapore, OWIS does not mandate standardised assessments or introduce external standardised testing until Grade 12, instead focusing on a rigorous academic education that uses different educational models to suit its students. Every child should have access to world-class, future-proofed education and OWIS accordingly has cultivated an environment that strives for academic excellence and personal growth. Thus, OWIS provides an expansive campus to rival many other international schools, with extensive classrooms that surpass the requirements of space per child and are complete with innovative learning technology such as LED touch screens and digital devices. Children are given the space to enjoy a challenging yet rewarding academic experience, and the freedom to explore a whole world of opportunities outside the classroom through OWIS’ comprehensive extracurricular programme. From learning languages to participating in sports teams, engaging in the performing arts to getting involved with local community service programmes, children are able to find purpose and build self-esteem through OWIS’ unique, kindness-driven educational programme. Best Coeducational Day Boarding School 2021 One World International is a non-denominational, multicultural school that welcomes students of expatriate families in Singapore. Offering a rigorous and consistent curriculum, new students of OWIS are able to quickly adjust to their new surroundings and begin flourishing in an intimate, engaging setting that inspires learning. The award-winning approach to education has resulted in well-rounded children who are not only academically successful, but develop a strong sense of self that promotes personal growth. Dec20184 OneWorld International School Pte Ltd Company: One World International School Pte Ltd Contact: Mr. Rathin Khandhadia Website: Crucial to creating the safe and caring learning environment in which children are respected as individuals with a right to be heard are the teachers and staff of OWIS. With the same international perspectives of the world as their students, OWIS teaching staff are recruited from well-established higher education institutions from all over the world, and are able to incorporate their vast cultural experiences into their daily interactions with students. A team of dynamic, enthusiastic, caring and lifelong learners like their students, the OWIS team is supported by a collective of assistants, nurses, administrative staff and more, who each contribute to the broad, cross-cultural environment that introduces children to a world of languages, traditions, beliefs, mind-sets, habits, etiquette and social expectations. OWIS celebrates diversity and inclusion, resulting in children and young adults who enter the world as open-minded individuals who understand one another, appreciative of the differences and similarities between each other as they continue to explore and embrace a worldview of cultural diversity. With the health and wellbeing of its students constantly the priority of OWIS, the school is staying up to date with all regulations and advisories from the Committee of Private Education and Singapore’s Ministry of Health. OWIS is committed to keeping its community of students, staff and parents healthy throughout the ongoing pandemic whilst maintaining the delivery of consistent, high quality education. OWIS’ recognition as the Best Coeducational Day Boarding School 2021 at the APAC Insider: Singapore Business Awards 2021 marks an exciting next step in the school’s development as it seeks to enhance and take stakeholder engagement to the next level. This award is the first of many national and international certifications and awards that the campus will be aiming for. With its unfailing devotion to the welfare and education of a global community of children, we can have no doubt of the continued successes that lie ahead for OWIS.