Singapore Business Awards 2021

17 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , Based in Singapore, Create Architecture is a bespoke architecture and interior design atelier that prides itself first and foremost on being able to serve and meet a client’s requirements, no matter how big or small. It is dedicated to being with its clients every step of the way during the process, from master planning and design to branding and implementation. The team uses processes that allow it to work to any conditions and context given, approaching each project with passion, rigor, and in-depth exploration. This mindset allows them to choose the correct and specific method for each design, and it works on commercial, residential, hospitality, industrial and interior projects alike. The lead designers of the business both have Masters’ Degrees in Architecture – and both have worked in many renowned architecture firms. They lead a staff workforce of people who prize invention and intelligence in the use of form and space, even for everyday use. In this way, Create Architecture seeks to operate with the aim of pushing the boundaries of scale and proportion, creating spaces and designs for truly unique spaces. Create Architecture has been awarded a prestigious accolade in an honorary mention for the Best in Hospitality Design award at Project Lyve Inc. Hotel & Residence, given by the Society of Interior Designers. This credit was given to the company in 2020 for exemplary work in its field. In terms of its clientele, Create Architecture serves any individual seeking architectural advice. It believes that every challenge the client faces is an opportunity for individuality, and in having such a standardized and meticulous approach to design process, it is confident in its ability to craft and resolve a solution. Each member of its staff contributes with the skills and specialisations they bring to the table, but moreover, each member of staff conducts themselves with the key principle of responsibility in mind. It believes each project requires the utmost care in communication, process, management, and execution; every minute detail requires fine tuning until it sings. In this way it is prepared for any challenges or issues that might arise during the process and has an effective way of working around them. Its team treats every project as though they were working on their own home. Due to this, they offer each task a fresh depth of scrutiny and attention to detail, continuing to explore, refine and improve every element of Create Architecture’s Work until it’s perfect. As with all sectors, of course, architecture and interior design have been impacted by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, Create Architecture has found itself having to adapt accordingly – especially as, due to border restrictions and the enforcement of travel embargos, it found itself unable to travel to sites and overseas projects. For interior design as a sector, there have been significant shifts in trends and paradigms. Firstly, there has been a shift away from Most Innovative Architecture & Interior Design Studio 2021 An example of excellence in its field, Create Architecture serves a worldwide clientele to bring interior design to life, championing a trustworthy and effective creative process. Dec20357 Create Architecture Pte Ltd Company: Create Architecture Pte Ltd Contact: Tan Bing Hui Address: 390 Orchard Road Palais Renaissance #14-04 Singapore 238871 Website: expansive city offices as more people work from home, and the risk of transmission that ‘cubicle offices’ pose made itself known. In tandem with this, there has been more emphasis on new ways to design and create public spaces to allow socialisation whilst abiding by social distancing and minimal contact. Lastly, adaptability in design has become more important than ever. A singular space now serves multiple more purposes as the home becomes the leisure area, workplace, and social space. Additionally, more businesses than ever before are having to pivot to an online business practice. Architecture is no different. In an unexpected turn of events, Create Architecture found that its business could still be carried out by use of remote technology, allowing long distance communication between designers and the construction team. Moving forward, Create Architecture will push to make further significant advances in design technology. In this way, it seeks to improve the communication in its designs, ‘down to the micro detail.’