Singapore Business Awards 2021

16 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , Founded in 1996, Bumitama Agri Ltd. is a leading producer of crude palm oil (“CPO”) and palm kernel (“PK”) in Indonesia, significantly contributing to the largest pillar of the country’s GDP as part of the Essential Goods and Services sector. Listed on the Singapore Exchange since 2012, Bumitama principally deals in the cultivation of oil palm trees, in addition to the harvesting and processing of fresh palm fruit bunches into CPO and PK. The products are then sold to international refineries across Indonesia. Today, Bumitama manages a total planted area of 187,917 hectares, that spans the three Indonesian provinces of Central Kalimantan, West Kalimantan and Riau. As of the 1 st January 2021, the trees had a weighted average age of 11.6 years, allowing Bumitama to capitalise on production growth opportunities as the trees, which can be harvested for up to thirty years, reached peak production. With a focus on productivity, cost efficiency, sustainability and growth, Bumitama seeks to be the leading CPO producer, enhancing shareholders’ value, providing a better quality of life for employees, and improving the welfare of the environment and local communities. This mission statement is reviewed and updated on an annual basis, with a holistic overhaul every five years, but the commitment to Excellence Through Discipline is unfaltering. As such, Bumitama is committed to achieving better yields and extraction rates through strategic investments in research and development and good agricultural practices. Consequently, Bumitama’s fourteen CPO mills are each located close to the plantations, thereby boosting the efficiency of production, maintaining the high-quality of the output, and reducing transportation costs, as well as the firm’s carbon footprint. This is just one of the sustainability commitments made by Bumitama in its efforts to enhance the environmental responsibility of operations. In 2015, the firm was one of the first few oil palm growers in Southeast Asia to adopt the ‘No Deforestation, No Peat and No Exploitation’ (“NDPE”) policy and implement supply chain traceability into its values. Today, Bumitama remains at the helm of the sustainability movement in the palm oil industry as a member of the internationally-recognised Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (“RSPO”). The group also adheres to strict regulations by the Ministry of Agriculture and has earned a myriad of certifications and accreditations for its commitment. In addition, Bumitama is able to use its resources and insights into sustainable agricultural practices to support independent smallholders achieve and implement the same measures of eco-responsibility. Approximately 29% of the group’s planted area is allocated to many of these plasma smallholders, as Bumitama plays a crucial role in Palm Oil Producer of the Year 2021 Bumitama Agri is a leading Indonesian producer of high-quality, sustainable palmoil. With a commitment to environmental, social and economic responsibility, Bumitama has been contributing to a pillar of the Indonesian economy for twenty-five years. We take a closer look at the firmas it celebrates success at the APAC Insider: Singapore Business Awards 2021. Dec20474 Company: Bumitama Agri Ltd. Contact: [email protected] Website: Indonesia’s initiatives to alleviate poverty, boost employment and improve livelihoods across its vast population. Sharing its country’s appreciation for the people that empower it, Bumitama invests heavily in its workforce, ensuring that as a collective and as individuals they are well-trained, productive, healthy and satisfied. In addition to fair and competitive working conditions, Bumitama provides opportunities for continuous education and development through its Corporate University that enables the team to attain mandatory qualifications to enhance the standards of Bumitama’s operations, as well as encouraging its team members along their own paths of professional and personal development. In doing so, Bumitama is able to contribute to a better standard of living for its employees and their families, whilst maintaining transparency in its operations for stakeholders, whether they be clients, employees, governments, communities or financial institutions. The commitment to the wellbeing of its people has not faltered during the pandemic. Having implemented a comprehensive infection prevention protocol across all operations that has been overseen by Crisis Management Centres, Bumitama has been able to guarantee the safety of its employees and their families, whilst at the same time minimising the impact on operations. As a result, all Bumitama mills and estates have continued to operate at full capacity throughout the pandemic, and will continue to do so in accordance with developments of the Covid-19 situation. As a result, Bumitama is able to look ahead with optimism and an ambition to continue delivering strong profits that can be shared through dividend with shareholders and investors. This will enable the continued generation of cashflow that will accommodate strategic investments into the automation of operations, the firm’s environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, and more, which will contribute to a long and sustainable future of growth for Bumitama and its extensive family. Bumitama Agri Ltd.