Singapore Business Awards 2021

15 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , Arome Global is a leading purveyor of pure essential oils and handmade organic blends that are designed to find harmony between humans and nature through sustainable relaxation remedies. Crafted by a team of experts who source the highest quality ingredients straight from Mother Nature herself, Arome products alleviate the stresses and anxieties of modern life, whilst championing more sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices to make the world a better place. Offering essential oils, roll-ons, diffuser blends and sprays, Arome guarantees 100% natural products that are free from nasty chemicals and toxins and are instead packed with the authentic goodness of nature. Arome avoids parabens and SLS at all stages of the manufacturing process and commits to transparency in all ingredient lists and packaging, further enhancing customers’ peace of mind. Invigorating the body, mind and soul, the divine scents of Arome help to destress and calm customers, who can feel confident in the knowledge that their self-care regimens are contributing to a host of environmental and social causes. Arome’s packing bags, for instance, are eco-friendly designs crafted by prisoners in Kolkata, enabling them to continue supporting their families and giving them a sense of purpose during their time in prison. Driven by values of integrity, honesty and discipline, the team at Arome is committed to improving the lives and wellbeing of all, whether it be through creating employment opportunities in its local community, building trusting relationships with clients, or supporting employees as they strive to deliver excellence in customer service. By cultivating a positive, dynamic working environment, Arome has built an inspired team that works efficiently and effectively, devoted to delivering an unforgettable experience for customers that begins with their first visit to the eCommerce site and lasts a lifetime. Consequently, Arome has been able to maintain its reputation for success throughout an undoubtedly challenging year from 2020 into 2021, when the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted business operations for so many around the world. As an online business, Arome was well-equipped for the shift to online shopping, yet delayed delivery services hit the firm hard. However, with support of Arome’s loyal and understanding clientele, the company has been able to continue serving its customers, staying connected through online blogs and tutorials that add to the personalised customer experience that Arome has become highly valued for across Singapore. Best Essential Oils Brand & eCommerce Business 2021 Kind to you, kind to the planet: Arome Global is a leading producer of organic blends and essential oils made from raw, natural materials and carefully cultivated to have calming, healing effects for customers. Sustainably sourced, manufactured and distributed, Arome products are superior stress relief remedies that will not cost the earth. Propelled by success at the APAC Insider: Singapore Business Awards 2021, Arome is broadening its reach from Singapore to the rest of the world. Jan21028 Arome Global Company: Arome Global Contact: Ms. Priyanka Dinodiya Website: Now, Arome is looking further afield, with plans to grow the business and begin shipping globally so as to provide its award-winning offering worldwide. At the same time, the firm is looking to grow its selection of products and further improve its services, elevating the standard of excellence that is synonymous with Arome even higher so as to continue delighting existing customers and attracting new ones. With a tricky year behind it and an enthusiastic optimism about the year ahead, Arome is eager to continue building relationships with a worldwide clientele, offering them the best of Mother Nature in healing, soothing oils and blends.