Singapore Business Awards 2021

14 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , When the digital publisher MediaBUZZ first began operating in Singapore in 2004, it set out on a monumental challenge. With digital marketing and publishing still in its infancy and vastly overshadowed by traditional print mediums, the resolute dedication of the young firm to the new, largely unknown technology platform was met with mockery and patronisation by many across the Asia Pacific. Now, in the midst of the global digital revolution, it’s a different story entirely, as many of the print publications have converted or vanished. Asian eMarketing, the digital publication produced and distributed by MediaBUZZ, is circulated weekly to more than 60,000 of the world’s leaders in management and marketing, sharing insights and articles on the IT industry, the digitisation of global economies, and valuable advice and tools of world-class marketers. For marketing professionals and enthusiasts alike, Asian eMarketing is a rich resource for shaping marketing strategies, improving business practices and facilitating work- life balance, all in a compact yet insightful publication that deliberately omits technical jargon and complex concepts for easy, enjoyable reading. “We write for people in business and marketing that must survive in a very technology-driven industry and try to help them stay tuned by providing topical features each month with a focus on Asia,” says Daniela La Marca. Daniela, who brought vast experience to her role at the head of MediaBUZZ from international businesses in Germany, such as Deutsche Post, Penton and BMW, has been an ardent advocate for the power of digital publishing long before marketing trends turned towards digital. It was a passion that even contributed to her decision to reject a major offer that would have steered the business back towards print media in its early days. “We were proud of starting out purely digital— even predicting that marketing would go to the small screen one fine Best Media Production Publication - APAC Long before the days of social networks, targeteddigitalmedia andAI,MediaBUZZ, the Singapore- basedpublishinghouse, was leading the quiet revolution fromprinted todigitalmedia in the worldofmarketing. Seventeenyears later, thefirst ‘pure’ e-Publisher in theAsiaPacific continues to empowermarketers to thrive ina fast-changingdigitalworld. Editor-in-Chief, Daniela LaMarca, tells usmore. Jan21276 Company: MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd Contact: Daniela Astrid La Marca Website: / day. We just never imagined at that time how powerful an impact mobile phones would have on our daily lives.” Moreover, the rise of digital distribution has been a significant contributor to the reduction of CO2 emissions, as publications had no longer to be printed on paper or distributed physically, besides actually knowing that the publication is being received and read and subsequently avoiding wastage. As a digital publication that could be sent worldwide at the click of a button, Asian eMarketing took the first great strides towards more sustainable practices in publishing. Running alongside the publishing arm of MediaBUZZ for many years, the firm’s industry event sector has also been a great source of pride to Daniela and her team, welcoming experts of the ICT industry from all over the world to participate and network. “The strength of MediaBUZZ is to come up with topics that are zeitgeisty, with a focus on the latest trends hitting and affecting the digital marketing industry in the region, and to combine media coverage and event programs with a synergistic effect,” says Daniela. Whilst networking events have been hindered by the ongoing global pandemic, MediaBUZZ continues to unite media companies in a global network built on its philosophy of ‘communication via communities’. Accruing a roster of partners rather than competitors, MediaBUZZ has worked alongside more than 600 companies since its inception, creating environments for the digital marketing industry to flourish as a whole, rather than pitting themselves against one another. After all, as Daniela succinctly states, “no man is an island.” As such, MediaBUZZ is constantly looking for fresh talent to join its team of curious, open-minded individuals who each strive to learn and grow every day. Agility, flexibility and versatility are vital in the fast-changing field of digital marketing, and MediaBUZZ’s team of creative, outside- the-box thinkers are well-suited to the domain. Thus, looking constantly ahead to the next big thing, MediaBUZZ continued to expand its offerings, beginning in 2009 with the launch of its digital media and e-learning field, which included more industry-related events and seminars dedicated to giving brands advice on launching new products. Despite having more than 4,000 articles published since 2004 and more than 200 magazines distributed worldwide, it is clear that MediaBUZZ is not slowing down any time soon. Instead, this radical of publishing continues to lead the advance into the bright, technological future of digital marketing. MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd