Singapore Business Awards 2021

13 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , Established more than twenty years ago as a joint venture between ST Engineering and Singapore Power Group, SPTel is a digital services provider that owns, builds and powers an alternative fibre network infrastructure spanning Singapore. By enhancing its core capabilities with software defined networking, SPTel seeks to improve the reliability and resilience of networks to accelerate the digital transformations of its clients’ businesses. Serving government agencies, OTT players, Wholesale Carriers, Enterprises, SMEs and IoT service providers, SPTel works in collaboration with partners and clients to build smart ecosystems that support Smart Nation ambitions across Singapore. Boasting true network diversity with its unique fibre pathways and exchange diversity for protected links, SPTel has long served as a reliable network provider. SPTel is also able to improve application responsiveness thanks to thousands of Edge Hubs around the island that bring SPTel’s Edge Computing closer to the data source. By providing computing at the edge, real-time device responsiveness can be achieved without the high investment required for on-premise solutions. In 2017, SPTel updated its vision and mission to focus on the acceleration of digital transformation and becoming a premier choice in digital services partners for Singapore’s evolution into a smarter digital nation. To that end, SPTel launched IOT-a-a-S with Edge Cloud Computing in 2018, an innovative new service designed to support IoT service providers with end-to-end IoT deployment from gateway to a device management platform, offering connectivity, computing power and storage at the Edge. Having achieved the Singapore Business Review’s Technology Excellence Awards in 2019 for its ground-breaking IoT-a-a-S service, SPTel sought to further enhance its capabilities as a digital services provider by launching Singapore’s first and only end-to-end software defined network (SDN) with network functions virtualization (NFV) in 2020. Recognising that to best serve the digital needs of its clients, SPTel had to be optimally digitalised itself. This led to the the launch of the new, responsive and self-healing business class digital network to provide network services that could scale services like bandwidth, computer power and cyber security services, on demand. The result was a network service that was more agile to address changing business needs in real time, while reducing the need to oversize networks unnecessarily, improving the total cost of ownership for businesses. With the onset of the pandemic, SPTel saw a sudden upsurge in network requirements due to remote working’s need for online collaboration, webinars and virtualised services. SPTel was able to leverage its SDN to help manage this upswing for their clients in just a matter of hours. Which means that organisations do not need to worry of being caught Telecoms Innovator of the Year 2021 As the rise in digitalisation and remote working calls for more resilient, reliable and scalable network infrastructure, the leading Digital Services Provider, SPTel offers a fully end-to-end software defined network riding on unique fibre pathways, enabling an ultra-low latency network performance and on demand ICT services. SPTel is able to improve connections across Singapore with outstanding solutions designed for world-class enterprises. Jan21274 SPTel Company: SPTel Contact: Lim Yi Xuan Website: unprepared. They now have the option of optimising their network in real-time to ensure consistent uptime for their business functions with dynamic resource allocation. But the benefits of SPTel’s network are long-term too. With businesses continuing to invest in digitalisation, network traffic is becoming increasingly unpredictable and the instances of cyber-attacks will only increase. By providing customers with a transparent dashboard, they can get insights on network utility, spends, receive proactive alerts on threats and optimisation opportunities. Coupled with on demand bandwidth and cyber security services, SPTel is well poised to help businesses navigate their ICT journey with just-in- time solutions. Moreover, the firm understands the stringent security and network requirements of its clientele of governments, enterprises, OTT players and wholesale carriers, as well as their pain points which include the desire for faster “go-to-market” and use case deployment. These challenges are resolved by SPTel’s virtualised solution deployment that include a customer portal that can deliver instant quotations, cyber threat alerts and real-time updates on network performance. To develop these cutting-edge solutions, SPTel relies heavily on its skilled workforce that possesses niche competencies to operate the new technologies and specialised processes of the SDN. The firm is committed to nurturing its local tech talent and accelerating their professional development through programmes such as the Company-Led Training Programme (CLT) under the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s TechSkills Accelerator initiative. With seventy one members of its team currently either having completed or are undergoing training in the CLT programme and with plans to complete the CLT by 2021, SPTel is ensuring its team is well equipped to deliver excellence to its clients and partners across Singapore and the globe. At the same time, SPTel continues to develop its offering and explore more innovative solutions that will enable Smart Nation use cases, from broadening its capabilities in cybersecurity and managed services to enhancing international connectivity. The firm is also ready to support 5G solutions , with their access to hundreds of fibre-connected hubs that can allow users to host 5G antennae or Multi-access Edge Cloud (MEC). As Singapore continues to evolve into a world-class Smart Nation, SPTel remains ready to provide the business class solutions and services it requires to accomplish that monumental transformation.