Singapore Business Awards 2021

12 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , Founded by Peggy Liu, Rosetta Stone Language Services is a specialist brand that trades in legal and business translations from English to Chinese and vice versa. It works closely with both legal professionals and renowned law firms, offering a service that prides itself on being faithful, reliable, and affordable. This boutique translation company serves a highly diverse clientele both in Singapore and across Asia. Its founder has over 20 years of legal translation experience under her belt working for reputable Singapore based law firms – and the rest of its team boast stellar levels of competency and experience across the board. Rosetta Stone Language Services wishes to bridge the gap for its clients in working internationally, making itself the facilitator for legal and business work across a daunting language barrier. Its name gives clients an idea of the ethos that drives its work. The original Rosetta Stone was a marble stone tablet created in 196 BC and discovered at the turn of the 19th century, inscribed with three different versions of the same decree from an Egyptian King. Using the comparisons that modern archaeologists and linguists observed between the three, it allowed the translation of many previously unknown hieroglyphics. Due to this, the Rosetta Stone is a milestone object in Egyptian and linguistic history, and as a metaphor symbolises a cornerstone clue in solving a mystery. Rosetta Stone Language Services seeks to offer this crucial key to its clients, giving them a way to decipher the mystery of an unfamiliar language and take their business to new heights. Its clientele are predominantly lawyers and those working in legal services on an international level. Due to this, it relies less on mass marketing and more on the weight of a good reputation to cement itself in its industry. It has gained significant recognition from the momentum behind its founding in this way – the first few clients that it served were those who Rosetta Stone’s staff had worked with in previous jobs, and they in turn recognised it for its excellent work and recommended it to others. This ‘grapevine’ system of marketing has served Rosetta Stone to a great degree, gaining it a lot of trust and respect for the services it provides. Furthermore, it is unique in that it does not overly complicate its offerings. Many translation services overextend themselves by attempting to offer many different languages or claiming ‘omnipotence’, translating all languages in every field. Rosetta Stone does not believe in this as a business model, instead prioritising its watertight expertise in Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation. This specialist attitude ensures that it can offer a streamlined and masterful service instead of many shallower ones. Each translator seeks to translate every word and aspect of grammar with care and precision to be rewarded with ongoing trust and patronage for the company. In bringing on new hires, it will consider the person’s experience in legal translation, of course, but it also looks out for people with a true love of linguistics. It values an attitude of dedication and cooperation amongst its staff. During its regular Best Legal & Business Translation Company 2021 Having expanded far beyond its home base of Singapore since its inception, bespoke translations service Rosetta Stone gives us an insight into its unique business model. Jan21300 Rosetta Stone Language Services Company: Rosetta Stone Language Services Contact: Peggy Liu Website: meetings to exchange experiences and discuss legal and language nuances, it fosters a culture of working together to reach perfection. Singapore is only a “Little Red Dot” in a world map. Rosetta Stone found a need to explore and expand its business horizons to different parts of the world, using the good-will of the professionals it had worked with at home as a springboard. Nowadays, its client roster includes law firms, banks, companies and individuals in Singapore and from Malaysia, mainland China, and Taiwan. It treats every project with professionalism and rigor, and in the future, seeks only to embolden these aspects of its service. 2021 年度最佳法律和商务翻译 罗赛塔语言服务社 罗赛塔语言服务社由刘赛军女士创立,是一家专业品牌的语言服 务社,从事中英法律和商务翻译业务。该公司与法律行业专业人 士和知名律师事务所紧密合作,提供以诚信、可靠和高性价比为 荣的服务。这家精品翻译公司为新加坡和亚洲各地的客户提供服 务。该公司的创始人拥有二十多年的法律翻译经验,曾在全球最 大律师事务所 Dentons 工作多年,团队的其他成员都拥有卓越的 翻译技能和经验。罗赛塔语言服务社希望为其客户弥合国际合作 的语言鸿沟,同时使自己成为跨越语言障碍的法律和商务工作的 推动者。 罗赛塔语言服务社的独特之处在于其专一和敬业精神。罗赛塔语 言服务社希望把中英之间的法律和商务翻译做到极致。这种专业 的态度能确保提供精湛的服务,绝不会向客户做出任何肤浅的承 诺。 目前,罗赛塔语言服务社的客户名册包括新加坡本土客户以及马 来西亚、中国大陆和台湾的律师事务所、银行、公司和个人。作 为语言桥梁的工程师,罗赛塔语言服务社希望在坚实的基础上稳 步前行。