Singapore Business Awards 2021

11 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , Downloaded more than 60 million times, the Traveloka app is today the most popular travel and lifestyle booking application in Southeast Asia, making the firm itself the leading consumer technology company in the region. Having grown from a specialised travel platform into a comprehensive travel and lifestyle experiences booking platform, Traveloka today offers end-to-end solutions that provides users with everything they might need to explore the world, from transportation to accommodation, attractions to eateries, and insurance products to finance services. With the broadest portfolio of accommodation and packages of any travel company in Southeast Asia, it is unsurprising that Traveloka is widely considered the essential partner in any trip, whether it be a weekend away or an expedition across the globe. When designing the Traveloka experience, the company did so with three core parties in mind: its users, its partners, and its market. Surpassing the role of a booking platform for travellers and holidaymakers, the Traveloka app provides engrossing articles on destinations and activities designed to inspire users and help them begin planning the journey. The Traveloka service does not end once the trip is booked, either. Instead, Traveloka users can call upon its customer service team at any time of the day or night, in all local languages and using forty different local currencies. With its human-centric technology and resourceful, friendly customer service team, Traveloka ensures clients have the best user experience, allowing them to discover the world around them without stress or complications. For its partners, Traveloka is able to help businesses manage common complications and limitations through world-class technology, offering reliable, 24/7 partner support and creating open, two-way channels of communication that enable Traveloka to learn how it can best serve its partners across Asia. By partnering with Traveloka, businesses are able to gain broader exposure, expanding their businesses and watching them achieve new heights of success. Boasting a simple process that begins with free registration, there is no reason not to partner with Traveloka. Finally, Traveloka is investing its resources in contributing significantly to every market it operates in, a contribution which is more valuable now than ever as the devastating socio-economic impacts on tourism and the communities built around the industry become increasingly clear. Lockdowns across the world saw booking revenues for Traveloka reduced to zero in May 2020, primarily due to the commercial flight restrictions in one of the brand’s biggest markets, Indonesia. This was only compounded by the hundreds of thousands Best Leading Online Travel Platform 2021 With the world tourism industry facing its biggest challenge in generations, the work of Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s premier travel and lifestyle booking platform, is makingmajor contributions to its recovery. At the centre of a vast network of partners, travellers and government bodies, the Indonesian firm is once again going above and beyond the role of booking website to reopen the world for travel and adventure. Jan21416 Traveloka Company: Traveloka Contact: Reza Amirul Juniarshah Website: of cancellations and refund requests, causing chaos for Traveloka and risking devastating consequences for its partners. However, a quick readjustment and streamlining of finances and processes and a reshuffling of teams meant that the champions of innovation at Traveloka have been able to pull through an inescapably challenging year, motivated by the knowledge that the worldwide passion for travelling has not been extinguished over the last year. If anything, people are more eager to go out and see the world, booking shorter distance vacations and road-trips around their own countries. Customers are also once again starting to tentatively venture abroad, and Traveloka is working at full capacity to ensure that they and their partners are ready for the world’s grand re-opening once the pandemic abates. Thus, Traveloka is putting its resources and market-leading innovation to use in finding solutions for the recovery of the global tourism industry. Working with the government in a multi-faceted collaboration, Traveloka is at the helm of several key initiatives that will help to restart the market, such as making Covid-19 tests available in forty- four cities across Indonesia so that users can book on the platform, and the promotion of CSHE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment) protocols to partners in the Traveloka Clean Partners Programme. Traveloka is also supporting several government recovery programmes, in addition to adapting its own flexible policies dedicated to maintaining high standards of excellence in customer service for Traveloka clients. As champions of innovative solutions, Traveloka’s contribution to the recovery of the Indonesian and Southeast Asian tourism industry is invaluable. With the support of its partners and governmental bodies, Traveloka is making major strides towards making travel safe once again, so that we can get back to discovering this great wide world of ours.