Singapore Business Awards 2020

8 APAC / 2020 Singapore Business Awards 9 APAC / 2020 Singapore Business Awards , , Remaining one of the top security companies operating in the world today is not easy, with ever-evolving client needs and shifting requirements that must be met to the highest quality. Whilst the traditional method of security once included large men in black suits ensuring nobody got close, the world has changed since then. Now, firms such as GPIS are providing top quality security services that are also integrated with modern technologies. Through its constantly-expanding portfolio of security needs, the firm can give every single client a sense of assurance and comfort that they are being protected by personnel who are highly trained, disciplined, and skilled in the latest forms of security and protection. Every type of business requires protection, though it can take a myriad of forms. Since its formation, GPIS has been delivering best- in-class security services for several government buildings, commercial building, warehouses, schools, research facilities, residences, defense establishments, and various special events such as concerts and corporate gatherings. No matter the event or the building, ensuring that it is fully protected and totally secure is absolutely paramount for owners and managers alike. The breadth of the firm’s clientele is a shining spotlight on just how exceptional and far-reaching the services provided by GPIS are. Founded in 2000, YouGov is a UK listed company that has grown rapidly to match the need for more market information from organisations around the world. Having established itself in the UK, US and other European countries, its global footprint soon reached Singapore, to establish itself in APAC. The team at YouGov works tirelessly to supply a constant, and evolving, stream of accurate data and insights into what the world thinks, so that companies, governments and institutions are better able to serve their specific needs. This information is gathered from YouGov’s own panel database, sourced from over eight million individuals around the world. Spanning over forty markets, it provides thousands of data points on consumer attitudes, opinions and behaviour, and is stored for more than ten years in order to innovate the best research and analytic tools. This approach has proven incredibly successful, with YouGov regularly referenced by the press worldwide, and its prolific releasing of information has made it the most quoted research source in the UK. Since beginning operations, YouGov has used the internet to conduct its market research. The business model is, and always has been, based on the principle that this is a more accurate source than GATES PCM Integrated Services Pte Ltd YouGov Research Data and Analytics Group of the Year 2020 Feb20374 The importance of data, and finding newways to analyse it, has become ever more imperative as businesses, politicians and consumers dependmore andmore on research tomake fact-based decisions. With one of the world’s largest research networks, YouGov Singapore has made a tremendous impact on the research industry and consumer market. We took a closer look to see what changes YouGov sees coming and how it plans to be part of that. traditional research methods. Unlike other companies, this digital approach has placed the company in good stead for the interoperability of its products and services, easily aligning them into a single system. As an organisation that operates across borders, high standards are essential to the business’ continued successes and it ensures that its panels are always engaged within a GDPR- permissioned environment, which is supported by secure ISO 27001 certificated operations. The entrepreneurial attitude that drove the company to Singapore has guided the business forward, with the shared values of accuracy, ethics and proven methodology allowing the team to trust each other and the work that is done. To ensure that the Singapore team can perform at peak efficiency, special efforts are made to encourage career development and learning opportunities throughout the year to advance existing skills and develop new ones. The future for the firm looks bright indeed, with previous investments in technology and products creating a platform for scalable profit generation. This preparation has allowed the company to deliver results that are consistently ahead of the rest of the market. The next stage of investment will see YouGov continuing to invest in its propriety products, with the aim of Best Security Service Provider 2020 Dec19435 Security is one of the most important facets of companies in any industry across the world. Whether protecting people, property, assets, information, or buildings in which these businesses are run, GATES PCMIntegrated Services (GPIS) is the security company of choice. Whilst charting the firm’s rise to success, we discover more about it and the services it continues to deliver so excellently. Making sure that this is a continued reality for every GPIS client, every officer working at the firm is given continuous and ongoing training. This training often includes red- teaming exercises, emergency scenarios, and online training courses to keep officers up-to-date on the latest trends in combatting, or dealing with various situation swiftly and effectively. Through carefully executed plans, training sessions, supervision, and spot audits, the team at GPIS pride themselves on being able to consistently meet and exceed client expectations whilst keeping people, property, assets, and information totally secure. The introduction of technology into security provision can only enhance levels of protection that clients often seek when enlisting the services of a firm such as GPIS. Much of the tech that the team utilise on a daily basis is the perfect example of innovation being used for a purpose, rather than for innovation’s own sake. Effectively using the likes of AI-powered analytical CCTV systems, wearable technology, drones, robot patrols, and much more, the firm continues to execute its responsibilities with unerring efficiency and accuracy. Integrating this technology can sometimes lead to tricky periods of transition, but the firm has managed it seamlessly. Whilst many security providers are still reliant on their traditionally physical and manpower-based workforces, GPIS has leveraged the latest technology to enhance security beyond client’s expectations. In fact, one of the firm’s sites now boasts no manpower at all; instead being fully managed by its intelligent analytical CCTV system that is monitored by officers at the 24- hour command centre. Whilst it is imperative to innovate and ensure that the latest technology is being used for the right reasons, it is also crucially important for staff to be trained in how to use it correctly. Alongside the boots-on-the-ground training that each officer receives in security services, they are also taught how to use state-of-the-art technology in ways that are efficient and effective. Also dispelling the myth around unfriendly and stern-faced security guards, every officer is also trained to the highest standard of customer service, and is able to interact with the public in a friendly, yet firm, manner, ensuring that every client is protected by people they trust. As a thriving new member of the security services industry, GPIS has already established itself as one of the best across not just Singapore, but the world as a whole. Despite the firm’s relative infancy, it has continued to prove time and time again just why it is the only company of choice for exceptional security services that make clients feel totally comfortable and completely secure. Contact Details Company: YouGov Singapore Contact: Julien Chevignon | CEO - Asia-Pacific Contact Email: [email protected] Website: Contact Details Company: GATES PCM Integrated Services Pte Ltd Contact: Dexter Allan Website: consolidating what is on offer into one systematic platform that serves the data that YouGov is able to produce to its global clientele. This innovative platform is made of many different products, including the daily brand perception tracker, YouGov BrandIndex; and the media planning and segmentation tool, YouGov Profiles; while the market-leading YouGov Omnibus service provides a fast and cost- effective solution that reaches nationally representative and specialist samples. All YouGov data is delivered through YouGov Crunch, the most advanced analytics tool for research data, combining super-fast processing with drag-and-drop simplicity. In all, YouGov has made its mark throughout the data industry, and the impression it has made on Singapore is a major part of its expansion throughout the world. Its innovative approach has allowed it a tremendous advantage over the competition, and the team have yet to stop working this advantage for all that it is worth.