Singapore Business Awards 2020

7 APAC / 2020 Singapore Business Awards , cavAsia Pte Ltd Best Cleanroom & Exhaust Systems Provider - Asia Jan20004 The roots of cavAsia Pte Ltd can be traced all the way back to four of the most traditional plant engineering and construction companies in Germany. With such a rich history behind it, it’s no surprise that cavAsia has grown into one of the more innovative facility systems provider, able to supply whatever is required to its clients. We dug a little deeper to find out more about what is on offer to this company’s clients. When established in November 2007, and made operational in January 2008, cavAsia’s role in Singapore was already strong. The key personnel within cavAsia had a lot of design and construction experiences not only in the Singapore market but also in Malaysia. This enables cavAsia to adapt at a much faster pace than many companies which would take years to acquire. Gathering a wide spectrum of know-how from across the building and facility engineering sectors, has enabled the company to focus its efforts in a way that is both effective and ground-breaking in its approach. The level of professional competence not only leads the talented team to find innovative engineering solutions for their clients, but also guarantees success particularly in multi-disciplines and multi-trades projects where cavAsia can truly shine with her engineering capabilities and provide value-add solutions to solve challenging problems. cavAsia could operate as a general Mechanical and Electrical Turnkey contractor or as a specialist trade contractor undertaking specific packages which includes engineering services, procurement and construction. cavAsia core competence is in the area of mechanical dry and wet (HVAC systems), electrical and controls, process systems, exhaust and scrubber systems. cavAsia has also the technical capacity to design and build all sorts of cleanroom systems, which are controlled environments with low level of pollutants such as dust, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. These cleanrooms are typically used in laboratories, scientific research centres, wafer manufacturing facilities in the electronic and solar renewable energy sector as well as in hospital, pharmaceutical and other high-tech industries. A major aspect of cavAsia’s success is in the way the company invests in their staff and team members. The senior staff provides guidance and motivate the team members. Whenever opportunities arises, employees were sent to attend training and courses to upgrade their capabilities and to better equip them on the job. cavAsia also provides an exceptionally positive and systematic work environment. This not only allows for personal fulfilment but leads to staff working more productively. What really sets cavAsia apart from its competitors is that cavAsia with its competence workforce, is able to design and construct systems which are technically complex and demanding, while the teams that execute these designs are able to do so with full understanding. The Contact Details Company: cavAsia Pte Ltd Contact: Josef Klebert Website: experience design and construction team work very closely hand-in-hand to ensure all aspect of the projects are properly carried out according to plan. As a result, cavAsia is able to execute fast-tracked projects without compromising quality or safety. The need to invest in expertise when working on complex projects is paramount, and few companies come with as much experience as cavAsia. Since their inception, there have been very few situations where cavAsia has not been the ideal choice as a project partner.