Singapore Business Awards 2020

2 APAC / 2020 Singapore Business Awards 3 APAC / 2020 Singapore Business Awards Contents , Editor’s Note , 4. Hospitality Resource Solutions PTE LTD: Best Productivity - Based Cleaning Service 2020 5. Immigration@SG LLP: Best Immigration Consultancy Firm 2020 - South East Asia 6. Aligned Business: Best Full Service Insurance Platform 2020: Origami 7. cavAsia Pte Ltd: Best Cleanroom & Exhaust Systems Provider - Asia 8. YouGov Singapore: Research Data and Analytics Group of the Year 2020 9. GATES PCM Integrated Services Pte Ltd: Best Security Service Provider 2020 10. The Global CIO Office: Best Outsourced Multi-Family Office 2020 12. SHATEC Institutes Pte Ltd: Best in Culinary & Hospitality Talent Development 2020 13. 2Stallions: Best Rising Independent Digital Agency 2020 14. INTEGRION Technologies Pte Ltd.: Best Wastewater Treatment Solutions Provider 2020 16. Asia Risk Management Institute: Best Risk Management Training Organisation 2020 18. MetaMind Training: Best Leadership Development Training Company 2020 Contents Welcome to the 2020 APAC Singapore Business Awards APAC Insider is proud to host the Singapore Business Awards. The Singapore Business Awards will once again recognise the hard- working individuals within the Lion City who allow Singapore to remain a major financial hub in the Asia Pacific region. Although Singapore is known for its FinTech and manufacturing sector, here at APAC Insider we take pride in accepting nominations from every firm regardless of size or industry enabling even the smaller sized firms and those within niche industries the chance to receive the recognition they deserve. If you decide to take part in this year’s awards you will have the chance to show that all your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Winning such an award gives employees the recognition they deserve for the year’s accomplishments providing a fantastic way to boost morale, not only for yourself but also for your team making sure they know they are the main reason you and your firm is a key player with the Singapore region. K