Singapore Business Awards 2020

18 APAC / 2020 Singapore Business Awards , The importance of keeping up to date with leadership styles is incredibly important, as people continue to change and their expectations along with it. Often, companies fail to nurture great bosses, who fail to nurture great teams in turn. As corporate success is directly linked to successful team leadership, the importance of handling this is incredibly acute. MetaMind is a training consultancy, focusing directly on the people side of leadership. Able to provide programmes that help First Time Leaders, as well as executive programmes on Authentic Leadership, Inclusive Leadership and Women in Leadership, it has a universal appeal. Instead of offering clients a simple solution, MetaMind aims to change behaviour and achieve leadership transformation as a result. This makes their solutions thoroughly bespoke, custom-designed to suit the needs of the client. Changing behaviour doesn’t mean getting new skills to apply when next leading a team, instead it means looking at the whole structure of an organisation and seeing where the shortfall is. MetaMind excels at finding this gap and filling it so a business can thrive. Clients appreciate that the leadership development programmes are adapted to suit their precise needs, and the team at MetaMind ensure that participants are not only kept interested with fun and activity throughout learning programmes, but will follow up to see if the changes established have proven sustainable over time. Currently the market is moving in the direction of online training, but this one-size-fits-all approach is anathema to the MetaMind attitude. While Best Leadership Development Training Company 2020 It’s said that people leavemanagers, not companies. They abandonbad leadership, but leadership is a skill to be developed and often takes time to come fully into fruition.MetaMind Training provides a focus on the people side of leadership, with an eye to building a truly constructive relationship betweenworkforce andmanagement. Having achieved such success inAPAC Insider’s Singapore Business Awards, we profiled the company tofind outmore. Jan20028 MetaMind Training Contact Details Company: MetaMind Training Contact: Mette Johansson Website: online services can be useful at dispensing information, the team believe that a human touch is essential in learning in order to motivate. This comes from experience, with blended learning being a part of the leadership development programme. Engagement rates through these parts of the course are a mere fraction of face-to-face learning. In many ways, there is nothing quite like blocking out time with a trained coach, taking inspiration from peers and being held accountable to personal development. The MetaMind team live the leadership culture that they encourage other companies to implement. Through transparent and honest communication, striving to be authentic and not being afraid to show vulnerability, they are able to communicate with each other on a human level. This approach is self-perpetuating, with all members of the team sharing a passion for personal and professional growth. Location is a huge consideration for MetaMind. Based in Singapore, the team have the benefit of a hub that is truly international. Most multinational organisations are present, with the level of infrastructure sufficient to get from meeting to meeting without the need to take a train or plane. It has made the development and growth of the business exceptionally easy, with every aspect from setting up the company to filing tax reports pleasantly straightforward. Even so, the aim is for MetaMind to expand into an international company. The geographical scope of the business has already stretched into other areas of Asia and the Middle East, and most recently Europe. Ultimately, MetaMind is really an organisation for the future of a company, propelling it forward so it can make the most of what it has. Abandoning traditional ideas of leadership, it takes a holistic approach that allows for genuine and authentic change. It provides the sort of thinking that will really make a difference. A nsider ac