Singapore Business Awards 2020

14 APAC / 2020 Singapore Business Awards , Rather than simply offer a service that is reactive to issues that arise, INTEGRION Technologies instead seeks to offer a more long-term preventative measure that is designed to help the greener generations of the future with better operations and cost-saving measures. Founded with the objective of helping the planet for future generations, the firm has created unique microbial and enzymatic offerings to deliver effective operational and cost-saving wastewater treatment solutions. Ranging from kitchen waste in pipes and grease traps, to sump pits and wastewater tanks, these solutions from INTEGRION Technologies are designed to help in many more ways than initially perceived. As part of INTEGRION Technologies’ service, it seeks to provide end- to-end solutions for every client, from wastewater treatment to cleaning agents. The global pursuit of protection for the environment has meant that the demand for natural products has overtaken chemical-based products. INTEGRION Technologies launched its AquaNex® series of unique microbial and enzymatic offerings for a more sustainable solution towards a cleaner world, a greener earth. Alongside the ability to degrade organic wastes, these innovative microbial and enzymatic solutions can also help eliminate bad odour and improve trade effluent to a standard good enough for discharge into public sewers. Often meeting and exceeding the trade effluent standards set by the local authorities, these wastewater treatment solutions are a real game-changer for business to increase their presence in the global fight against damage to the environment. Governing bodies across the world are becoming increasingly stringent with their checks and regulations for how wastewater can be reused and recycled, so delivering an exceptional service as well as an environmentally- friendly one is paramount for INTEGRION Technologies. Every employee working at the firm shares a powerfully strong belief, passion, and faith in the products to drive environmental change whilst also meeting those ever-important requirements set by local authorities. The naturally-occurring microbes and enzymes that INTEGRION Technologies use are organic agents that effectively remove sludge waste and odour, creating a user- friendly environment for all. Creating these biological innovations is one thing, but educating industries on how best to utilise them is another thing entirely. Focused on the food and beverage, agricultural, oil and gas, and hospitality industries, INTEGRION Technologies also seeks to provide consultancy work for those who require help in using the right product and methodology to address any wastewater issues, and the odour that comes with them. Clients can rest assured that these products are backed by proven lab tests that utilise the latest advancements and research methods in laboratories across the world today. Best Wastewater Treatment Solutions Provider 2020 Across the globe, there is mounting pressure on companies, businesses, organisations, and governments alike to be more environmentally-conscious. Singapore is a regulated country that is wholly dedicated to the pursuit of clean energy and going greener by the day. At the heart of this drive towards green energy is INTEGRION Technologies. Join us for a look at the award-winning wastewater treatment work of this dedicated firm. Dec19438 INTEGRION Technologies Pte Ltd Contact Details Company: INTEGRION Technologies Pte Ltd. Contact: Celine Sue Website: / Dedicated to its own corporate social responsibility, INTEGRION Technologies is wholly focused on the continued usage of eco-friendly products and biological processes. Working closely with nature itself, the firm works tirelessly to realise a greener and environmentally-sustainable planet where issues like climate change and global warming are addressed effectively and efficiently. Ultimately, it is INTEGRION Technologies’ unwavering commitment and belief that it can provide a greener place for all without using chemicals that has seen it develop Singapore’s most outstanding wastewater treatment solutions, amongst many other things. Meeting governmental regulations and raising awareness of the importance behind treating waste properly is key, and in that field, there are few better than INTEGRION Technologies. Subscribe to APAC magazine Subscribe here A nsider ac