Singapore Business Awards 2020

10 APAC / 2020 Singapore Business Awards , 11 APAC / 2020 Singapore Business Awards Best Outsourced Multi-Family Office 2020 g The Global CIOOffice Despite being a relatively well-developed idea across the world in the United States, the concept of outsourcing the financial services of a Chief Investment Officer, or CIO, is still in its infancy across major parts of Asia. However, with time, the right guidance, and expert knowledge at the helm, any business, high-net-worth individual, or family working across Asia, can benefit hugely from outsourcing their CIO needs. That is the service that The Global CIO Office seeks to offer to its clients. With a wealth of experience through its team of former CIOs from leading local and global firms, the company gives itself and its clients an added competitive edge in successfully managing wealth and finance. Singapore is one of the most important hubs in private baking and wealth management across the entirety of Asia. Synonymous with strong ethics, financial success, and wealth, Singapore provides The Global CIO Office with the perfect home. The existing infrastructure is nothing short of exceptional, and a deep and varied pool of human capital also make for an exciting time of growth and expansion during the early years of The Global CIO Office’s existence. However, the private banking industry in Singapore and Hong Kong is also fragmenting, and more single and multi-family offices have set up shop in recent years. These new firms are often in need of guidance during their early stages; guidance which the seasoned team at The Global CIO Office are more than happy to provide. As a result, the firm has a constant and steady flow of clients who require the services of a CIO during their development. In the first year of its existence alone, The Global CIO Office has already established a client list that stretches across the Middle East, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK. Providing a myriad of services as an outsourced Dec19190 Best Outsourced Multi-Family Office 2020 The wealth and finance industry is one in a constant state of flux, given global markets and macroeconomic effects that are taking place every day. Successfullymanaging finance can be a difficult affair, but there are those who can help, rather than hinder. Launched in Singapore just last year, The Global CIOOffice offers outsourced CIO services to the wealth industry in Singapore and beyond. We profiled the firm, to learnmore about its outstanding work and award-winning services in Asia’s financial sector. Contact Details Company: The Global CIO Office Contact: Gary Dugan Website: investment team for small wealth management businesses, as well as both single and multi-family offices. Each member of the team, including founder Gary Dugan, is a seasoned veteran of the industry, whether they be a CIO, strategist, economist, due diligence expert, or investment expert. Hailing from various parts of the world, the team all leverage their experience to help clients navigate the wealth and finance industry, including its ever-evolving and volatile nature. Whilst contracted as an outsourced partner to every client that The Global CIO Office works with, the firm offers its clients far more than that. Functioning as an extension to the clients’ own investment team, the work that The Global CIO Office does also includes offering tailored services to fit client needs and objectives. Clients can draw on the knowledge of the firm’s hub of experts whenever required, ensuring superior information and cost-effectiveness against hiring a full-time CIO in the wealth management industry. Everybody wants to manage their finances differently, and rightly so. What may work for one individual simply wouldn’t work for another. It is this level of tailored service, as well as the firm’s own uniqueness in Asia, that continues to stand it apart as something truly special. As with most other forms of consultancy and outsourcing firms, a key part of the service delivered has to be impartiality. A core element to the service that The Global CIO Office provides is its dedication to only give truly independent advice to private clients. Unbeholden to any product providers or sponsors, the firm can guarantee impartial and unbiased advice that is completely focused on doing what is best for the client. Through the offices of its clients, the firm wants to direct investors towards an investment approach that is well-grounded in good processes and makes full use of the very best investment products currently available in the market. One of the key differentiators for The Global CIO Office moving forward will undoubtedly be its independence, from both major investment firms and product providers and promoters all over Asia. Alongside the expertise and more than 150 years’ combined experience that the firm brings to the table, there is also access to various markets, and the ability to impartially evaluate any kind of fund, product, strategy, or solution. During the evaluation, The Global CIO Office also understands just how important it really is to ensure that the client receives advice based on what is best, most suitable, and most appropriate for each individual client. Investing can be a dangerous process, especially for the untrained eye. Spotting the best investment opportunities, asset allocation opportunities, and portfolios is key to ensuring that any clients’ financial future remains as secure as ever. The team at The Global CIO Office offer valuable insights that only seasoned veterans can, covering many areas of wealth and investment, including tactical asset allocation, multi-asset and single-asset class portfolios, fund selection, private debt platforms, commercial and residential real estate search, and product portfolio management, to name but a few. For the more adventurous clients who want to invest their hard-earned money into something that could potentially provide outsized but risky returns. The Global CIO Office also provide access to private equity and venture capital opportunities. By remaining totally flexible and agile to a client’s every need, the firm can offer a broader range of products, services, and investment opportunities than many of its competitors. More than simply developing a new business in Asia, The Global CIO Office is definitely in the process of developing a new industry for companies across Singapore, Hong Kong, and the wider continent to tap into. Managing one’s own wealth, or indeed the wealth of others, can be a tricky affair, but it needn’t be any longer. Instead, the services of The Global CIO Office can be taken full advantage of to ensure that every single penny is well and truly looked after.