APAC Singapore Business Awards 2018

Best Wall Panel Systems Manufacturer 2018 - Asia Pacific g Company: Instawall Pte Ltd Contact: Rowan Beck or John Talbott Address: 107 Pasir Ris Grove #02-19, The Palette, 518198, Singapore Phone: +65 91284 093 or +65 96680 109 Website: www.instawall.asia install and flexible to workplace change, while addressing sustainability. Within the construction market currently the focus is on sustainability, and as such Instawall is able to support clients thanks to its use of alternative products, such as an acoustic membrane for STC ratings. The solution also uses recycled materials, and cuts down on construction time and maintenance as it is easy install and maintain. Overall, history shows that while there may exist initial reluctance in all industries to the acceptance of new more advanced technology, ultimately the barriers tumble once the advantages of new products become clear. Those barriers are beginning to fall, as the firm have already undertaken and successfully completed a number of projects ranging in size from 600sqm to 4,500sqm and is are confident that with continued and expanded marketing effort we will soon see a wholesale change to how commercial interior walls are constructed. Ultimately, Instawall, will be at the forefront of that revolution and as a result would expect to realise exponential sales growth. The firm’s goal is to supply its innovative products to clients worldwide, and this will remain its focus as it looks towards a bright and exciting future.