APAC Singapore Business Awards 2018

6 APAC / 2018 Singapore Business Awards , ASB18007 Best Wall Panel Systems Manufacturer 2018 - Asia Pacific Instawall provides an alternate interior sustainable, reusable wall solution. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its success. Established in 2011, Instawall design, manufacture and market innovative interior walling systems to the multi-billion Asian and US Dollar global commercial interiors fit-out industry. Despite being a young company Instawall has achieved phenomenal success. So far, the firm has focused its marketing efforts in Asia, as the present Directors draw on more than forty years of combined accumulated experience in the commercial interior fit-out sector within the region. However, as a result of the inter-connected global corporate landscape and a desire by many MNC’s to retain Corporate Identity through instituting global standards in all of their offices worldwide, the company is now responding to enquiries from the United States and exploring how to meet such demand. Today’s specifiers and clients are looking for better, smarter solutions to many areas of their fitouts. As such, Instawall provide products that offer excellent thermal, acoustic and aesthetic properties while reducing installation time and offering the end-user the opportunity of easy re-configuration and re-use should it become necessary in the future. Furthermore, Instawall meets sustainability requirements of various Green Building Councils such as the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) and the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). Offering a truly unique product, there is little competition for Instawall with the only real alternative being the continued use of traditional drywall and it is our objective to break down normal reluctance to change by demonstrating the benefits of Instawall to specifiers, project managers and their clients alike. As such, over the years it has worked on a range of projects including ones for Vanguard Investments, Allied World Assurance, LinkedIn and Nielsen. Thanks to this unique and creative service offering the firm is well on its way to achieving its overall vision: to provide an alternative commercial wall system for construction of interiors. Instawall seeks to challenge the presently widely used traditional metal stud drywall by providing a system that is assembled prior to delivery on site and yet is equally cos- effective, easier thus quicker to