APAC Singapore Business Awards 2018

14 APAC / 2018 Singapore Business Awards , ASB18008 Best Literature & eBook Aggregator & Distributor AlkemCompany Pte Ltd is a printed book distributor and eBook aggregator based in Singapore. We invitedMelvin Choo to provide us with a fascinating overview of the firmand the work it undertakes. Having taken over Toppan Company in 1999, Alkem has since grown into a strong contender within the Singapore publishing market. Melvin tells us more about the firm’s services and how it works to ensure excellence for its clients. “ At Alkem, we supply printed books and eBooks to libraries, bookstores, academic institutions and corporate organizations. In addition, we are library service and a Professional Development Service Provider. To date, we are proud to have achieved the record of creating more than 14,000,000 printed books and more than 4,000,000 eBooks in a single year. Currently, in the library market, libraries are facing a challenge of shelf space. Libraries are seeking ways to increase their collections while maintaining their current titles, and are looking into economical ways of acquiring books in digital formats as a solution to the limited shelf space. As such, Alkem remains in a strong position as they continue to offer eBooks and a range of other options, as Melvin highlights. “To meet the needs of our clients in this digital age, our digital platform has the ability to loan out eBooks and etextbooks with a time limit function and allow readers to read both offline and online. In addition, our platform has a vast collection from all over the world including publications from Singapore (SingTitle) and South East Asia (SEA).” Moving forward, eBooks remain Alkem’s ongoing focus as the firm seeks to build upon its current success and grow even further, as Melvin concludes. “Looking to the future, Alkem will increase our market reach out beyond the traditional markets both in print and digital. We also hope to get more publishers on board our eBook platform to meet the needs of our clients.” Company: Alkem Company Pte Ltd Contact: Melvin Choo Address: 1 Sunview Road #01-27, Eco-tech at Sunview, 617615, Singapore Phone: 0065 6265 6666 x 106 Website: www.alkem.com.sg