APAC Singapore Business Awards 2018

12 APAC / 2018 Singapore Business Awards , ASB18005 Best SME Software Solutions Provider Y3 Technologies (Y3) is a Singapore-based end-to-end supply chainmanagement software solutions and services provider. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its success. Established in 1981, Y3 is the leading Supply Chain Technology Solutions firm in ASEAN, providing clients with leading-edge end-to-end Supply Chain solutions, including Supply Chain Control Tower, Analytics, Warehouse Management, Transport Management and IOT solutions. Over three decades, Y3 Technologies have engineered and delivered innovative software solutions enabling its industry-leading clients to deliver unparalleled customer experiences with the assurance of adaptive supply chains that scale with supreme speed, accuracy and efficiency. Today, the firm manages over 50,000 transactions and 11,000 connected point-of-sales per day with more than $50 billion of inventory, 120,000 different SKUs and 1 million orders flowing through its systems per year. The firm are redefining how small businesses manage their operations by making capabilities that would be traditionally reserved for large- scale enterprises accessible and palatable for small business owners. The firm serves small, medium and large enterprises in the retail, consumer-packaged goods, manufacturing and logistics industries, with clients such as IKEA, Infineon, HP, Starbucks Coffee and CK Tangs, as well as multiple small and medium-sized firms in ASEAN and China. Additionally, Y3 Technologies is transforming retail - bridging together the intricacies of delivering rich, tailored omni- channel customer experiences with the cost pressures and complexities of managing logistics with full control, visibility, scalability and reliability. Alongside this, the firm is at the heart of the One Belt, One Road initiative, committed to combining our expertise with that of its leading enterprise partners and their incomparable market context to jointly unlock the substantial potential of seamless connectivity across the region. Overall, Y3 Technologies’ vision is to build a better future, inspired by people, powered by technology. This will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a prosperous and exciting future filled with opportunities. Technology is a great enabler of reinvention and Y3 is leveraging it to drive positive transformation. To ensure ongoing success, the firm is currently building capabilities in the areas of business-to-business (B2B) cross-border (eCommerce) orchestration and planning. The team believe that this area will continue to accelerate and grow over the next few years and will especially be transformed due to the dual impact of the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as the ASEAN Digital Connectivity push. Company: Y3 Technologies Pte Ltd Contact: Salman Sardar Address: Supply Chain City, #08-05, 8 Bulim Avenue, Singapore 648166 Phone: 0065 6417 2900 Website: www.y3technologies.com Best SME Software Solutions Provider