APAC Singapore Business Awards 2018

10 APAC / 2018 Singapore Business Awards , ASB18001 Best Marine Propulsion Systems Manufacturer - South East Asia & Best Marine Transmission System: Maritime Gearbox Drawing onmore than 100 years’ experience in the market, MassonMarine design and manufacture innovative marine gearboxes. We invited Fabien Lecuona to tell us more about the firmand the range of solutions it offers. Since 2008 Masson Marine has supported a range of clients in Singapore, working hard to provide the very highest standards of both product and service. Fabien discusses how this has been the firm’s aim from the beginning and how it works to ensure excellence for clients at all times. “To become the best within our market, at Masson Marine we chose to review all of our policies when we first opened an office in Singapore. We knew we had to learn from the past, whilst at the same time taking a fresh approach. “With the Maritime world in crisis thanks oil prices, we realized that our customer is not only interested in price, but the full package, including service and aftersales support. As such, we spend a great deal of time with them, offering them a complete service which meets their needs. Offering more than just a gearbox, we can support the whole ship design if necessary. More than just a supplier, we become their partner.” Having a base in Singapore offers Masson Marine, which is headquartered in France, many great opportunities, as the region is a marine hub, and many marine firms have their headquarters or financial sectors based there. Moving forward, Masson Marine is keen to adapt its product offering to meet the ever evolving needs of its clients. Fabien is incredibly proud of the products his firm sells, which are created in the company’s factory in France and are among the best gearboxes offered in the APAC region currently. In his concluding comments he outlines how the firm will be growing its offering in line with client requirements. “Looking to the future, at Masson Marine we are constantly looking to enhance our product offering and provide the customer with new solutions that suit machines with a different power range or ratio. Additionally, we are also looking into hybrid propulsion. Masson already has a hybrid solution to propose, but we believe there is more we can do and are excited for this prospect.” Company: Masson Marine Propulsion PTE LTD Contact: Fabien Lecuona Address: 18 Boon Lay Way, 08-114- Trade Hub 21, 609966, Singapore Phone: 0065 6795 0209 Website :www.masson-marine.com/en