APAC Singapore Business Awards 2017

6 APAC / 2017 Singapore Business Awards along the lines of stakeholders and partners in the business.” What sets the firm apart from its competitors is a combination of its product offering and ability to positively impact on customers’ business and the firm’s customer engagement model delivering flexibility and adaptability at all times, as Indy discusses. “ANALEC’S product offering is unique because we are the only financial technology firm in our segment that has developed capability across investment research workflow management as well as customer relationship management (CRM); offered either as an integrated offering or as stand-alone deployments. Few years back we took the call that technology decisions in the research and CRM space in the broker-dealer industry would converge (and not run on parallel tracks, as has historically been the case). In the recent years, this convergence has been further pronounced due to cost pressures in the industry, as well as challenges posed by regulation (i.e., MiFID II) and competitive pressures (i.e., “commission unbundling”). “When it comes to capability requirements to meet our customers’ impending and strategic goals (via use of technology) as well as their increasingly demanding total- cost-of-ownership criteria on technology solutions, we believe we stand-out as a technology partner of choice in the market place. We are able to deliver more capability at lower costs while delivering bespoke development and delivery capability to support our customer’s specific needs.” Looking ahead, Indy is keen to emphasise the firm’s ongoing focus on growth and expansion as he showcases some of the highlights from its future plan. “ANALEC is extremely bullish on its 4-5-year outlook, driven by its geographic expansion plans as well as new initiatives to potentially add to our Fintech portfolio. On the geographic expansion plans, ANALEC continues to progress in North America and recently set up a London office to pursue growing opportunities in UK and continental Europe. We believe we are extremely well placed in the competitive landscape in both these geographic regions to significantly grow our presence over the next 3-5 years. “With regards to innovation, we have a continuous and aggressive innovation pipeline on our existing offering to reflect better ways of delivering a world class product offering at our customers to their client base, as well as reflect requests from our customer organizations within our product features. On both counts, our customers have always favourably commented on our ability to swiftly address their needs and aspirations, when compared to our competitors in the market place. “Ultimately, we are also looking at ways to grow our Fintech proposition in the market place and in that respect, we have various evaluations underway currently. We have recently hired a senior professional to look at strategic initiatives at the firm to continue our pursuit of growing our proposition in the market place.”