APAC Singapore Business Awards 2017

4 APAC / 2017 Singapore Business Awards , ASB17003 Best Broker-Dealer Software Company 2017 ANALEC is a leading financial technology company offering platforms and solutions in the investment research and related client servicing space, working with a range of broker- dealers and investment banks globally. We spoke to Indy Sarker to learnmore about the firm and the range of services it offers. ANALEC is a financial technology company that provides an investment research management and CRM solution for broker-dealers and investment banks. A wide range of clients license the firm’s platforms and their capabilities and ANALEC also provides a range of customized services to support their usage and adoption of its solutions. Indy discusses the secrets behind the firm’s success so far. “Here at ANALEC, we believe intelligent technology solutions in our customer segment and category will go a long way to address the twin objectives (sometimes conflicting) of lower cost of business and raising revenue generation prospects at our customer organizations. “Personally, I believe that we are rated very highly by our customers for our deep domain knowledge of their businesses and devising innovative solutions to meet their present and impending business challenges. We pay careful attention to our customer needs at all times and continuously reflect customer feedback into our products and platforms. Our customer engagement at multiple levels across the firm, even after having secured them as a customer, ensures their priorities are never missed by us; their technology partner. “Overall, the greatest reward has always been a stable of satisfied customers who are always putting in a good word for us; helping us grow our business. We value our client relationships and strive hard to continuously meet their expectations.” With an ambitious mission to lead the competitive market in which it operates, ANALEC has to rely on dedicated, professional staff, as Indy explains. “Our firm’s mission is to be the technology solution provider of choice to the global broker-dealer and investment banking community, in the area of investment research management and client servicing CRM solutions. “To achieve our mission, we put in place a value system at the time of founding the enterprise 13 years back. That value system still guides us in our daily decision-making and in our pursuit of our goals and objectives. Our value system revolves around our Customers; People; Integrity; Leadership; Meritocracy; and Global Culture. Every time we go out to recruit talent, we ask ourselves – Will this individual uphold our value system and contribute to our organization in an enduringly positive fashion? “As such, we hire top talent who are not only competent, but ambitious enough to excel in an international stage; while upholding our value system. Our efforts have helped us build a cohesive team environment and helped retain our top talent successfully over the years.” ANALEC, from its very inception, has been engineered to fight above its weight in the market place. Indy outlines how the internal culture of ANALEC has been built on a fundamental belief that if you put your mind and energies to work in the pursuit of a goal, almost every obstacle and hurdle can be navigated successfully. “First and foremost, we look for the right attitude fit when hiring talent into the firm. We look for excellence in past pursuits, professional or otherwise; and then focus on competence around the job requirement. As an emerging company, we are always looking to hand incremental responsibilities to our star-performers and at the same time create management and execution depth in the ranks. “The culture of the firm has been built around the pursuit of customer satisfaction. Our ability to continuously and successfully meet our customer expectations over the years has been made possible by our core team of star- performers who have been with the company for almost 10 years. “To retain this culture we have, over the years, built an internal talent pool via hiring individuals with high potential and taking them through a training and development cycle and then providing meaningful involvement in actual client execution mandates. Such an approach has helped us build talent swiftly as well as create high levels of motivation at the individual end to excel on the job. “We provide a sense of ownership to our teams and proactively recognize talent and individuals who excel in living up to our values and ideals. Additionally, as a firm we have over the years delivered significant ownership of equity in the company to key individuals thereby creating a relationship that is more than that of an employer-employee but more