Singapore Business Awards 2019

4 APAC / 2019 Singapore Business Awards , Since its entry into the material handling equipment industry in 1960, Crown has earned a reputation as a leading innovator in world-class forklift and material handling equipment. Today, Crown products are globally known for its design excellence, and having earned more than 100 prominent international design awards. The company’s dedication to serving its customers’ needs by providing the latest in product design and technology, as well as its commitment to customer support services delivered by its passionate and proficient team, ensures that Crown continues to grow and further succeed on a global scale. Seeking to offer truly innovative services that cannot be found elsewhere, Crown designs and manufactures most of its forklift components, providing superior quality, flexibility and the ability to accommodate special requests from customers. In addition, integrated manufacturing aids the company’s sustainability efforts by reducing transportation miles and greenhouse gas emissions. Operating globally, Crown manufactures material handling equipment in eight United States locations (New Bremen, Ohio; Greencastle, Indiana; New Castle, Crown Equipment (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Dec18547 Best Warehouse Logistics Company 2019 & Material Handling Company of the Year 2019 Crown Equipment Corporation (Crown) is one of the world’s leading material handling companies. Crown’s profile for Singapore Business Awards 2019 will touch on its unique innovative services, global business operations, and ever strengthening regional presence. Indiana; Kinston, North Carolina; Celina, Ohio; Minster, Ohio; New Knoxville, Ohio; Troy, Ohio). The company also has international manufacturing operations in Suzhou, China; Roding, Germany; and Querétaro, Mexico. The company’s global approach to research, design, engineering and manufacturing means that it produces a range of lift trucks that offer the best fit to the pallets relevant to the warehouse facilities in multiple regions globally. While the company builds a range of lift trucks to cover all aspects of material handling work, from the dock to the top space of a high bay rack, Crown also customises its standard designs to help solve specific problems, such as modifying the width and position of the legs so that it works effectively according to the required pallet size needed. With a focus on providing end-to- end material handling solutions, Crown can further identify other areas of the warehouse that can be improved to add efficiency when dealing with a range of pallet sizes. Crown consultation includes a detailed review of customers’ operations in order to share expert opinions on selecting the most appropriate material handling equipment and to provide insights on improving productivity, such as enhancing warehouse design and safety culture. Originally, Crown set up operations in Southeast Asia in 1978 with the regional headquarters now located in Singapore. Having now recently celebrated on its 40th anniversary in Asia Pacific, Crown’s services and infrastructure now include an extensive retail branch network, with more locations situated across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and China. Recently, to strengthen its current presence in the APAC region, Crown has launched in a number of new locations with branches in the growth hubs of Johor, Malaysia; Rayong, Thailand; Clark, the Philippines; Incheon, South Korea; and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Looking to the future, the firm will continue to enhance its presence in the Asia Pacific space to ensure it remains a key player in the region’s competitive wholesale logistics and material handling space. Company: Crown Equipment (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Name: David Sultana Address: 15 Tuas Avenue 8 Singapore 639230 Telephone Number: 66901888 Web Address: