September 2017

8 APAC / September 2017 , 1706AP03 Searching Questions, Solving Mysteries Savvy Searches provides expert and international research experience in probate genealogy & heir research to legal firms, trustee companies, private executors, courts and global probate genealogical research businesses. As winner in the Australian Business Awards in the Best Probate Genealogy Researcher category, we interviewed the firm’s principal andmember of the Law Institute of Victoria Neil B Gill to discover more. Savvy Searches can help you solve your family history mysteries. If you’re looking for a quality service that will go the extra mile, then make the Savvy Choice and try them. They are known as the new probate genealogy alternative in Australia and you can also become one of their valued global research partners. The firm’s Probate genealogy & heir research services are: Global and Australian probate genealogy research; establishing heirs in estates; locating and obtaining documentary evidence; locating missing beneficiaries; searching for executors and will witnesses; recovering unclaimed money and other assets, business; organisation historical research and customer contact database integrity. Principal and member of the Law Institute of Victoria Neil B Gill remarks on his passion for genealogy and why the firm was set up, in this short interview. “My genealogical research business is called ‘Savvy Searches’ and we provide expert probate genealogy and family history services. Our clients range from legal firms, trustee companies and global genealogical. Research agents and medium to large businesses, as well as passionate family historians from start-up to advanced level. “My passion is genealogy and for many years I worked in the deceased estate industry, which included a seven-year stint as a probate genealogist for State Trustees Ltd in Melbourne, Australia. Here, my role included researching and solving a portfolio of some of the most interesting, complex & sensitive cases imaginable including many ‘cold cases’. “Savvy Searches is my dream. I started my genealogy journey working on my own family history when I was just 22 years of age in the early 1980s. Now, I can share all my knowledge and expertise with my own clients and help them with their genealogical needs. I’m excited to be able to help you, so please get in touch with me when you’re ready so we can get stuck in to solving your mysteries.”