September 2017

6 APAC / September 2017 , 1706AP03 Innovative Orthopaedic Prostheses and Devices Allegra Orthopaedics (AMT) is a listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange. Recently, we invited Allegra Orthopaedics’ CEO, Jenny Swain to tell us more about this dynamic company. Founded in 1994, Allegra Orthopaedics was created by a team of expert designers and engineers. The company is underpinned by Senior Management and a Board of Directors with a successful track record in developing and commercialising innovative orthopaedic prostheses and devices. Allegra has used its expertise in developing and commercialising medical devices to generate a pipeline of new products. This also includes extensions of its current product family, which strengthens appeal to a broader audience of orthopaedic surgeons. Allegra continues to leverage its research and development expertise to bring innovation to the global market. “The Company has built strong relationships with medical device companies and research organisations such as The University of Sydney, University of Wollongong and Queensland University of Technology, as well as surgeon inventor/innovators. These collaborations have resulted in commercialisation of new medical devices being brought to market” Jenny reveals. “Allegra has a well-developed range of products for distribution from Australian and international suppliers covering all specialities from foot and ankle, knee and hip to upper limb. Allegra is always exploring new opportunities for product introduction to offer total solutions for our customers and their patients. We stand by our company mission statement to bring the freedom and happiness of pain-free movement to people’s lives. This is achieved through providing the best possible solutions for patients, from world-wide industry leading orthopaedic products through to Australian innovations.” As for Allegra’s principal product, the Active Total Knee system, it has a proven clinical history extending over 20 years. Jenny explains how this history can outweigh some of the newer technology and devices, where a 2011 study shows that new hip and knee replacements introduced over five years found none of them were superior to the old ones, and 30 per cent were worse. “Importantly, the Allegra Active Knee has demonstrated excellent patient outcomes. Allegra’s ongoing drive for innovation has led to the continuing development of new instrumentation supporting this knee system allowing for accurate and reproducible implantation.” “Allegra also has a dedicated Innovation division in which we are currently commercialising a load bearing biocompatible ceramic material known as ‘Sr- HT Gahnite’”. Jenny informs us that the company has the Global license to commercialise this product. “The ‘Sr-HT Gahnite’, developed by Professor Hala Zreiqat and her team at the University of Sydney is a high focus area for Allegra’s future.” “This technology represents a major advance over all existing synthetic bone materials because it is the world’s first and only material to achieve the critical combination of bioactivity, strength and re-absorbability. “The 3-D printed Sr-HT Gahnite is unique, as pre-clinical studies have shown the synthetic bone substitute to be: • Load-bearing • Biodegradable • Biocompatible • Osteoconductive • Supportive of new bone growth “The innovative 3-D printed spinal cage1 is in development and undergoing pre-clinical studies. The device is not currently included in the ARTG.” Looking ahead, Jenny reveals to us the plans for Allegra in 2017 and beyond. “The bone replacement is a strong focus area for Allegra Orthopaedics’ future and our orthopaedic portfolio will continue to expand as we launch new products into the Australian market. We are looking positively to a strong future of growth & collaboration with companies, surgeon innovators and other thought leaders.”