September 2017

APAC / September 2017 3 Contents , 4. News 6. Innovative Orthopaedic Prostheses and Devices Allegra Orthopaedics Limited 8. Searching Questions, Solving Mysteries Savvy Searches 10. Only as Successful as Your Team Kure Supplies and Kure Training 12. Achieving the Best Possible Outcomes V-Trust Inspection Service Co., Ltd. 14. Women’s Wellbeing and Empowerment Blacktown Women’s and Girls’ Health Centre 18. Data Transforming Adelaide City of Adelaide 20. The Stuff of Legend Legend Interiors Ltd 24. Purity, Harmony & Tranquillity Chanoyu Spa 28. Harmony, Excellence and Integrity Hitachi Sunway Information Systems* 30. Brand Enhancement Through Innovative Dispensing AFA Dispensing *