September 2017

26 APAC / September 2017 , Anne then tells us about the not-for-profit organisations that Chanoyu Spa supports. “We love to give back and contribute to the local community. Since our beginnings, we’ve been actively involved and supportive of charity organisations, that support women. We have a long association with the Pink Ribbon Breakfast Event and are privileged to contribute funds for this life-changing research. “We believe women are often too busy taking care of others to make time for themselves, so we encourage them to make time to nurture themselves, knowing that they will then have more energy to share with those they love.” Treatments When it comes to Chanoyu Spa’s treatments, you are in expert hands. Their therapists are fully qualified and trained to the firm’s standard of service excellence and knowledge in skin science, Anne tells us. Anne then details the facial and advanced anti-ageing therapies available at Chanoyu Spa. “All our facial treatments begin with a personalised evaluation of your specific skin conditions. We then recommend a treatment, designed to provide the very best result, based on your concerns and the skin analysis. “We use a variety of facial massage techniques, including Japanese facial massage inspired Kobido, a specialised facial rejuvenation massage technique that lifts facial contour and stimulates energy circulation. At the completion of your spa treatment, you receive our tailored prescription for in-home care, so you can achieve the optimum benefits for your skin until we see you again. “Advanced anti-ageing therapies include the Super Boost Facial Treatment, which is for 75 minutes and costs $299. This is a powerful facial treatment, that deeply improves the appearance and quality of the skin. The most intensive of all our treatments, it combines a peel, cosmeceutical booster concentrates and a high- performance mask to get right to the heart of the most stubborn age related skin concerns. These include hyperpigmentation, wrinkles as well as dull and devitalised skin. This treatment will be customised to your skin needs to ensure the best results for your skin.” One of the body & massage therapies, is the ‘face & body sensation (75 min $199), Anne explains. “With this, you can experience the perfect Chanoyu treatment duo, a sensational massage combined with an anti-ageing facial. Choose from our vitality massage to relieve stress and tension and ease aching muscles, or our relaxation massage to induce a deep level of relaxation and calm your mind. You will then be treated to a customised anti-ageing facial, designed to smooth out wrinkles and restore youthful radiance. “Another is the Purifying Back Treatment (60min $130). With this, you can de-stress your muscles and cleanse away impurities, with this purifying and relaxing back treatment. In essence, this treatment can be described as s luxurious ‘facial’ for your back!” Hands and foot therapies at Chanoyu Spa include the AOX intense hand treatment, which runs for 30min and costs $55. The anti-ageing peel has an anti-oxidising action, to improve the overall youthfulness of our hands. The skin is revitalised, renewed and looks younger, softer as well as being more luminous. Or perhaps you want to immerse yourself in the tradition of Japanese culture? In closing, Anne reveals more about this aspect of the firm’s work and adds her thoughts on spa waxing therapy. “Chanoyu retreat packages offer you the opportunity to complete your restorative treatment with a Japanese dining experience. This is a treat designed for your ultimate relaxation and wellbeing. Choose from a two-hour package or half day experience. Each package is designed with purity, harmony & tranquillity in mind. We have partnered with one of Collingwood’s favourite Japanese eateries, Wabi Sabi Salon. “So, allow us to maintain your waxing routine. All treatments are carried out hygienically, using disposable application tools and professional-grade wax, to ensure effective and thorough hair removal for a silky skin finish. “All treatments are completed with aftercare soothing lotion, delivering anti-inflammatory and superior skin conditioning ingredients to the skin. Your treatment is completed with a relaxing head massage as our special gift to you. Our clients tell us this is the most relaxing waxing treatment they have ever had.”