September 2017

20 APAC / September 2017 , HKB17013 The Stuff of Legend Legend Interiors is the leading interior fit-out specialist. Following their success inwinning the Best for Turnkey Interior Construction Process Services, we interviewed the firm’s Founder andManaging Director, Mr Anthony Chan to discover more. Legend Interiors is headquartered in Hong Kong and was established in 1988. Their clients comprise of the world’s most renowned brands. Founder and Managing Director at Legend Interiors, Mr Anthony Chan provides a short introduction to the firm’s work and his reflections on winning the Best for Turnkey Interior Construction Process Services award. “We provide turnkey services ranging from the initial feasibility studies, cost estimation, design to management, interior construction and maintenance. Believing that a true measure of quality lies in the experiences evoked and longevity of the final masterpiece, our services are bespoke and tailored to each client – making one of the key measures of a project’s success the level of client satisfaction.” Legend Interiors has a growing coterie of clients and their network of specialists have offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Macau, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. With an international portfolio they are now servicing the global arena. “It is an honour to receive the Best for Turnkey Interior Construction Process Services award, especially since we will soon be celebrating our 30th anniversary. This is a milestone and we are looking forward to the future.” Anthony then reveals the firm’s mission and what their trained team set out to do. “Our overall mission is to continuously pioneer the significant improvements in the industry of interior fit-out – to be the visionary setting the benchmark in terms of quality, service through investment in our people, R&D to surprise and delight those we serve. “From the onset of receiving the design concept and technical drawings, our trained teams of over 300 begin a well- oiled process of setting the foundation right. They do this by understanding the design intent, budget constraints and keep in mind the overall experience of the spaces, with the goal of creating an undeniable masterpiece of professionalism and intricacy. With a wealth of experience in interior fit-out, our teams of designers, project managers, quantity surveyors, operations and on-the ground site managers each bring to the table years of experience within each specialised field.” Anthony goes on to explain what differentiates the firm from their competitors and marks them out as the best possible option for clients. “Exquisite workmanship that’s recognised by top brands marks us out. Quality is a key factor, identified by top luxury and international brands, as being our competitive advantage. Our clients having stringent quality standards, being purveyors of the world’s most desired luxury goods, indeed have identified Legend as the go-to name in terms of bespoke quality. “Change agents are assigned to pre-empt any potential uncertainties. Being a sizeable company, it would be easy to solely rely on the regime of an effective and proven process- driven formula. At Legend, we prefer to place extra efforts into analysing each project and its variable factors. Every new project has its own unique set of challenges, so we make it a priority to highlight all potential scenarios and corresponding action plans, for each of our clients during the initial phases of a project. These variables are reviewed throughout the course of the project, mitigating any potential risks and ensuring that our clients’ concerns are nipped in the bud. “Thus, we arrive at a workable solution that’s economical and pleasantly surprising for the client, with a more positive outcome, as opposed to fighting fires. This is also possible through our network of partners and vendors, built on relationships and a common understanding that only comes from years of successful collaborations.” Anthony adds that they speak the language of design, to create tangible masterpieces. They orchestrate interior experiences. Having worked with renowned architects, designers, brand owners and international developers, they are cognizant of the impeccable design standards the physical spaces and products must live up to. He then underlines the trends they are seeing in the wider industry today plus such key developments, specific to Hong Kong. “The rise of the digital platform and online shopping experience has caused retail brand owners to reconsider the in-store experience. For our clients to excel in today’s market and to compete with the digital arena, quality needs to be translated to creating immersive experiences for the end customer. As interior fabricators, we build the framework with the ultimate experience in mind, our inside knowledge of the industry and being intuitive of trends. Working closely with our clients, we offer solutions to enhance the in-store experience so that each brand can captivate each visitor, providing a unique and tangible experience. “Hong Kong has been the regional business hub for many international brands, design firms and partners. This provides us the opportunity to develop closer relationships with these brands and our clients. Once a relationship has been established, our clients are then more confident to appoint us to oversee their regional projects as well. At the same time, we can provide a personal quality to our services, which oftentimes enables swifter decision making for our clients.” The internal culture of the firm, its future and the role of the Hong Kong business market are the areas Anthony is eager to discuss next.