September 2017

APAC / September 2017 19 Company: City of Adelaide Web Address: Data Transforming Adelaide g opportunities for international project collaboration and transform how we learn across universities, medical precincts, research facilities and schools. “Furthermore, the network will provide Adelaide with a unique and very powerful economically competitive advantage compared to other cities.” Interconnected networks essentially provide direct and high-speed connectivity to global exchanges and cloud providers and services, avoiding the use of internet networks, and effectively providing synchronous (same speed up as down), secure, reliable data transfer. As a result, it will put Adelaide firmly on the radar as a destination of choice for large, digital-reliant businesses and organisations in the health, finance, education, creative and defence sectors, helping to attract new businesses, creating more jobs and driving innovation and investment. In fact, some of the end users of this network will be in industries and jobs yet to be created. While plans for the network ramp up, the industry is already taking note. Ian Coker, Operations Manager of Bureau Veritas South Australia, a leading engineering, testing and inspection firm, sees huge opportunities to capitalise on high speed data infrastructure through real-time data streaming. “The majority of our work is dispersed inspection and non- destructive testing of assets, most of which is being digitised. If we could tap into a ten-gigabit network, we could centrally locate qualified inspectors and engineers to make real-time decisions rather than having hundreds of field staff flying in and out of remote locations,” Ian said. “This could be a real game changer for our industry and I imagine many others.”