September 2017

12 APAC / September 2017 , CN170005 Achieving the Best Possible Outcomes V-Trust is a fully-accredited and qualified inspection services provider, registered in China, Hong Kong, India and Vietnam. As winner of the Most Trusted Inspections Company 2017 award, we invited them to provide a short profile of their company’s work. Through V-Trust’s wide range of quality control services, we aim to allow overseas buyers to rest assured that the products they buy in Asia are of high quality and handled with care. The key to providing top notch services and achieving the best possible outcomes is ensuring that we have well-trained staff, willing to go the extra mile for our customers. The company’s account managers must be both attentive and reachable 24/7; technical managers need to be very experienced in their specialist area; inspectors need to be detail oriented and reliable. Only through the strong teamwork of diligent team members can we provide the highest possible level of service. To aid in the development of such a hardworking team, it’s important that we foster healthy relationships and build a positive morale. Even though the team here is spread out throughout China, India and Vietnam, we always find ways to build strong connections between the staff in these locations. Not only does each area have team building activities, but the entire company gathers for a retreat each year. Everyone is always willing to work together and help each other, due to the close bonds formed during these company events. For each individual QC service provided, we hope to lighten the burden of the buyer we serve. Through every factory visit, we hope to give a better perspective of the quality of goods produced and push manufacturers to both further improve their operations and meet higher standards. In this way, we can have a positive impact, both globally and domestically. As there are many inspection service providers, buyers often struggle to know which one to turn to for QC cooperation. Thus, we have devised a list of criteria one should consider when looking for the right inspection company: full-time inspectors used; fully-qualified and accredited; legally valid reports and an open-door policy. Once the field is limited to companies who meet these criteria, it’s clear that V-Trust is has the best customer service, while maintaining competitive prices. The manufacturing industry in Asia is constantly expanding, so as a quality control company, we must expand with it. While China remains the largest manufacturing country in the world, other Asian countries are emerging with promising capabilities in this regard. Thus, we have broadened the company’s inspection network to include two major developing markets - India and Vietnam. We find that being here, in the middle of the manufacturing circle, provides us with a fantastic opportunity. While buyers are sleeping soundly in their home countries, we have our entire team here to support the inspectors, as they carry out this important work. In this way, we can truly help our buyers sleep better!