September 2017

10 APAC / September 2017 , 1704AP14 Only as Successful as Your Team TristarMedical Group is one of the biggest privately ownedmedical groups in Australia. We invited Dr. Khaled El-Sheikh to tell us more about the group, the outstanding services they offer and their latest edition - Kure Supplies and Kure Training. Established in 2003, the Tristar Medical Group began in a small surgery in a country town. Tristar Medical Group has evolved over the years and today, they have 60 medical centres across the whole nation, except two states, which should join sometime this year. When undertaking a new project, Khaled explains the steps taken to ensure that clients receive the best possible outcome. “When we take on a new project, firstly we determine if there is a need for that service. Secondly, because we endeavour to always be on top of the latest in standards, techniques, technology and equipment, we are able to deliver the same level of service regardless of where in the country the clinic is located. Wherever the visit one of our clinics in the heart of Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra, or in the most remote part of the country, the service you get is the same. Our mission is to provide high quality, accessible, affordable medical services country wide. “As for what differentiates us, it is our high standards. Across all our centres, we provide services with the highest standards and of the best quality that is equivalent to that of any medical centre you’d find in the city, regardless of how remote or central it is in the country. “Another competitive edge of ours, is that we are able to offer various services under one roof. Instead of the patient having to go from place to place. At Tristar, we don’t do that, what we do is we bring much needed extra medical services to the patient. Everything a patient requires under one roof. When a patient walks into the centre, we have got it all. From primary care to specialists. Our patient database is on a central server, which means a patient can go to any of our clinics and have their medical records available immediately. I believe, we are the only medical group in the country that operate on this principle.” Following on from this, Khaled goes into detail what techniques Tristar Medical Group employ to stay ahead of emerging developments. “One thing I am very interested in is technology. Since we are living in an era where we must adapt to technology, to innovation, we have to keep up and stay ahead with the latest developments. Using this to the best of our ability, we need to think outside the box. We adopt the latest in technology to enable us to offer the very best services to our patients.” The latest editions to Tristar Medical Group is Kure Supplies and Kure Training. Going in depth about Kure Supplies and Kure Training, Khaled explains to us the benefits of this new venture and highlights his main passion, training. “Kure Supplies and Kure Training is the latest editions to Tristar Medical Group. Currently, we have Kure Supplies where we have established our own importing arm. This allows the consumer to receive the products must faster, by cutting out the various middle men. Because Kure Supplies service the group, we can pick what we think will work for us, and help with our direction and planning. We are not forced to take just what is available in the market, we are able to customise the products according to our needs.” “One of my other big passions is training. Within the group, we already offer training for the doctors because they are the core of the business. We are accredited to provide fellowship training which is a qualification in general practice work. The services and training we offer and provide to all groups – which is our main attraction. Now we are starting to divert the attention of the training into various other fields, not solely on the Doctors. We look at staff on the administration level, nurses and all different supporting services. We’re in communications with different organisations and universities. Hopefully that should be coming alive in about 6-12 months. “It is quite an exciting venture and I am blessed that I have a great team around me. Because of the great relationships, we operate as a family.” When discussing the internal culture in Tristar Medical Group, Khaled praises the team, referring to them as a ‘big family’. “In the Tristar group, we avoid the word corporate as it gives a wrong perception of us - as we are one big family. When some of our staff start, they begin within one sector, and then branch out into another in which they have achieved senior positions. Simply because they have found something that they like and we support them and assist them in achieving their dreams.”