Q4 2023

May22239 May23633 Boutique Strategic Advisory Firm Global Catalyst Advisory was first conceived as a boutique strategic advisory firm with a unique blend of strategic advisory, investment banking, thought leadership and academic rigor. It believes in a scientific and evident-based approach in analysing client’s challenges, while proposing innovative but sustainable solutions. Global Catalyst Advisory has served numerous public, private sector and NonGovernmental Organization clientele. Some of these clients include: public sector policy makers like Thailand Ministry of Industry, Myanmar Ministry of Industry, Singapore Civil Service College, Temasek Foundation and private enterprises like telco operators China Telecoms and Maxis, top 5 real estate developer in Malaysia like Setia, Singapore top 3 F&B operator 1 Group, Non-Governmental Organization like OECD, Franchising and Licensing Association and Association of Small Medium Enterprises. Differentiated Advantage The CEO of Global Catalyst Advisory, Victor Tay, was a scholarship recipient at the University of Oxford Executive MBA programme. Victor emphasized that Global Catalyst Advisory like Oxford and Oxfam aims to “Resolve World’s Problems” while offering client solutions on strategic long-term basis. He explained that the firm only picks projects which will fulfil the triple bottom-line of people, planet and profit. He shared that, “We are different from other advisory firms as we believe the solutions derived should transform inefficient and unproductive business model. Many businesses were disrupted as they overly emphasize on financial gain that it ceases to provide value. We believe that all successful and sustainable businesses must fulfilled the equilibrium of preserving the planet, fulfilling people’s expectations while generating profit as a collective outcome.” The clients made the following feedback “Victor is able to see things from Strategic viewpoint, especially the key issues impacting the industries overseeing and the levers he can use to create a significant change in them”. “Articulate his view strategically and clearly. Most of the time, able to project the long-term impact which helps and guides people to move in the same direction”. “Victor is not only a strategist but a doer, especially when a task required his expertise”. As a testimonial of its competence, the Global Catalyst Advisory had won numerous awards in Asia in the past including Asia Sustainable Leadership Awards in both Game Changer and Innovation categories, as well as, Brands for Good Awards. Victor being the CEO was also awarded the US-based Fin Nex Financial Leadership Awards for his lifelong career in providing financial advisory to strengthen small medium enterprises, NGOs and charitable organizations. Pioneer and Trend Setter Looking back at Victor’s career history, it was not difficult to unravel his pioneering advocacy in sustainability. It was in 2005 when he established a new industry cluster, Environmental and Engineering Services, at Enterprise Singapore which is a government statutory board. He had then established numerous programmes to develop the Environmental sector, including Environmental Technologies Capability Development Programme, Environmental Centre of Innovation. Later at the national chamber, Singapore Business Federation where he was the Acting CEO/ COO, he established the business community of Sustainability Development Business Group, Singapore Sustainability Alliance comprising of triple helix model of Government, Research Institution and Business Chambers. And to accelerate more sustainability movements, he established the Singapore Sustainability Awards to encourage more companies to develop environmental technologies, reduce carbon footprint and to catalyse industry adoption. This culminated to his chairmanship at United Nations Global Compact Network Singapore. Fast forwarded to 2023, Post COP 26, that many are only beginning to get on the bandwagon, Global Catalyst Advisory has already its value enshrined within its corporate tagline “Sustainability Catalysed”. As a pioneer, Global Catalyst Advisory essentially has captured the first mover advantage. Emphasis on People When asked about Victor’s emphasis on people, he elucidated, “In medieval period, businesses were first conceived as a societal services so that the people can barter and exchange for goods and services. Naturally, the beneficiary (people) is more important than the solutions. If we treat our employees well, naturally they will reciprocate to treat our clients as well. This becomes a virtuous cycle”. When his staff were interviewed Some of the feedback that his staff had given in Victor’s 360 degree reviews were, “Victor has a lot principled and has a lot of integrity. He has great kindness and concern for the welfare of people around him. He is sharp, thinks well and strategically and is able to get the most mileage from any work assigned to him. His inputs always give a more strategic direction to work.” On working hard, the client remarked, “Victor pushes his team to achieve results, thought the team “complains” about the hard work, but seem to wear it as a badge of honour – they sound motivated probably seeing that he pushes himself very hard as well”. “Victor is generally a good superior to work with. He is able to adjust himself to the different personalities of his various staff and his approach is always to make the most of each persons strengths rather than focus on weaknesses.” Sustainable Development Goals and Uplifting Vulnerable Groups Victor is not just a business leader but he volunteers at the NGO specifically to advocate Sustainability Development Goals and uplift the vulnerable groups. He chaired the United Nations Global Compact Network Singapore and actively promoted and advocated Corporate Social Responsibilities amongst the business community since 2010. Concurrently, given his passion for vulnerable groups, he was also the Chairman of the Association for Persons with Special Needs operating 5 schools for 1,500 special needs across 7-62 years old. When asked what is the larger aspiration he had for Global Catalyst Advisory, he replied, “The destiny of the firm is encrusted in its name, “Global Catalyst”. It will need to catalyse the transformation, level societal inequality and resolve world’s issues.” MOST INFLUENTIAL SUSTAINABILITY LEADER IN ASEAN APAC CEO OF THE YEAR – VICTOR TAY