Q4 2023

Jan22686 Best Livestock Company 2023 - Singapore The year is 2015, and Ashraf Bakar has just made the decision that would define his very future. Following his marriage, Ashraf elected to give his 2 acre backyard a greater purpose – to create a farm that would rear goats and sheep with the intention of providing services for those partaking in Aqiqah and Qurban. Below, we explore Aliyah Rizq Holdings Pte Ltd.’s (Aliyah Rizq Farm) rich history, its approach to caring for its flock, and how this ambitious farm has gone above and beyond to redefine the livestock industry throughout Asia. Beginning operations in January 2016, Aliyah Rizq Farm started as a 2 acre backyard farm that represented the ambition of its founder, Ashraf Bakar. Having been offered funds from his mother-in-law, Ashraf got to work to forge a great place for livestock to prosper. Come 2016, his flock had grown from 30 goats and sheep to 160, and, along with it, so did Aliyah Rizq Farm’s confidence. Once it had accumulated a steady footing from which to make the next big jump, Aliyah Rizq Farm sought out a partnership with Agroppreneur Farms Sdn Bhd in 2017. This collaboration opened the door for, not only a sheep breeding project, but an opportunity for Aliyah Rizq Farm to utilise 25 acres of land. By the time it had amassed 300 sheep and goats, Aliyah Rizq Farm had moved its operations to the expansive Bio Desaru, ready to take the local livestock industry by storm. It recognised that sourcing good quality produce had been a near impossible feat throughout Malaysia, with farmers only producing around 5% of the nation’s needs, and sought to rectify this issue once and for all. Its initial response? – to expand its reach to Indonesia in order to acquire supplies of livestock for the purpose of Aqiqah, Qurban, meat, and distribution throughout Milaysia. As aspirational as this venture was, Aliyah Rizq Farm successfully began working on the Indonesian Project in mid-2018. The aim was to focus on becoming a more social enterprise – one that was capable of supporting low income, less skilled farmers throughout Indonesia in supplying livestock to Milaysia through CV. Asia Global. Shortly after launching the project in 2018, by May 2019, Aliyah Rizq Farm had already heralded results. Bringing in 200 heads of healthy, good quality sheep, the Indonesian Project proved that Malaysian farmers could gain access to quality livestock from a reliable source, all whilst abiding by the legal regulations of the area. In addition, Aliyah May23256 Rizq Farm stood as a beacon of hope for the industry – no longer would farmers need to illegally smuggle livestock over the Thailand borders. At present, Aliyah Rizq Farm has already exported over 2000 sheep and goats to Malaysia, resulting in a monumental shift within the region that sparked a complete transformation in the ways in which farmers could secure quality livestock. However, Aliyah Rizq Farm has set standards that exceed enhancing the importing and exporting capabilities of Malaysian farmers. Aliyah Rizq Farm represents a definitive example of how livestock being prepared for both Aqiqah and Qurban should be treated – with love, kindness, and compassion. Aliyah Rizq Farm came to earn itself the title of the Best Livestock Company 2023 – Singapore based, not only on the advancements that it has made throughout Malaysia, but through the ways in which it rears its plethora of sheep and goats. As a rule, Aliyah Rizq Farm holds itself to an incredibly high standard when it comes to the care of its livestock. As a farm founded on heart and love, Aliyah Rizq Farm continuously expresses the importance of quality animal care, and goes above and beyond to demonstrate the lengths that it’s willing to go to in order to ensure a happy, healthy herd. Whether this manifests through its encouragement of free roaming and grazing, or through its resentment of force feeding and chemical subjection, Aliyah Rizq Farm guarantees high quality living conditions for each and every animal. It has given its all to construct a natural and stress free environment, allowing its flock to truly flourish in the most ethical way possible. As it seems, Aliyah Rizq Farm has had a string of success that appears to be never ending. Its ambitious nature has allowed it to accomplish a variety of milestones, however, the one that it seems to be most proud of is the countless collaborations that it’s managed to foster over the years. In June 2019, Aliyah Rizq Farm pursued a revolutionary event that would stand as a groundbreaking achievement for Asia’s livestock industry. For the event, held in Angsana Mall, Johor Bahru for Eidul Adha, Aliyah Rizq Farm imported 250 heads of Indonesian sheep via its sister company, CV. Asia Global. After a two week quarantine period, the livestock were transported to Angsana Mall for its Asnaf Mampu Qurban event, through which Asnafs in need were able to purchase sheep for Qurban for only RM1. As such, the event accumulated a huge crowd, and, in doing so, allowed it to set the record for the Largest Number of Participation and Largest Number of Sheep Slaughtered for Qurban in the Malaysia Book of Records. This marks the heights that Aliyah Rizq Farm has reached, granting it a place among the greats of Asia’s livestock industry. At its core, Aliyah Rizq Farm is a livestock company that has come to establish invaluable relationships for the betterment of the industry. It seeks to, above all else, upkeep a quality of care for its livestock, all whilst educating and empowering farmers towards attaining the same level of quality. It hopes to