Q4 2022

tablet or mobile device, you’re much more likely to complete one right there on the spot. There are plenty of SaaS solutions out there on the market to help you achieve this. Normally, you’ll first leave a review using the third party’s review software on the tablet device, as with Google Reviews you’d need to actually log in to your account first before leaving the review – which most people won’t be too keen on doing for security and privacy concerns. But during the review process, the survey will ask for an email where you’ll later receive an email asking you to leave a review on Yelp, GMB, etc. Collecting reviews in-store and in-person can be a supereffective method to bolstering your Google reviews. Encourage Reviews by Always Responding When potential customers are browsing your Google My Business profile, it will certainly stand out if you’re responding to the reviews that customers have left. You should always respond to all reviews and engage with your customers’ reviews, whether it’s a positive or a negative review. By responding to reviews, you’re actually encouraging other customers to leave reviews as they see that you’re engaging with your customers and their feedback. This is especially true for negative reviews. Customers want to see that you’re taking recourse to resolve issues that have arisen with your product or service.