Q4 2022

Feb22538 Leading global communications marketing firm, Edelman Malaysia (Edelman), endeavours to supply its clients a fully integrated network and global approach every step of the way. Here we learn more about its Global Client Relationship Management Program and its understanding of trust as it wins Best Global PR & Communications Firm – Malaysia. Edelman Malaysia (Edelman) nurtures stakeholder relationships whilst developing thought leadership platforms and indulging in all things creative. Its inventive streak works tirelessly so as to create digital strategies and come up with new ideas that will break barriers and aid clients in their own success. All of its innovative work consistently strives to support the growth of its clients’ business goals and their achievements. With a tailormade approach to each client, Edelman significantly elevates their businesses. As each client is unique, Edelman understands that it needs to approach them all differently. Having built global programming guidelines, to offer clients the best treatments on the market, its team of seasoned professionals deal with a plethora of areas. These areas range from public relations to digital communications, social media marketing to strategic communications, and marketing to employee engagement – alongside many more areas. Edelman assigns a Global Client Relationship Manager (GCRM) to each client so that they may feel understood on a personal, firstname basis. This personalised and intimate touch ensures that clients can feel the benefit of mutual trust. It is with this strong relationship that everyone can flourish and achieve their wildest dreams. By building an enormous amount of trust, in a world that finds it hard to trust at all, Edelman brings the best resources to the table and succeeds every time. GCRMs enable the steady flow of data and concepts and inspire the growth of the team relationship. Very importantly, they also monitor significant client business developments – especially changes in strategic direction that may impact communications programming – so that its clients’ businesses may successfully develop. By collaborating and communicating with clients, Edelman forges deep rooted relationships that keep people coming back over again. With its streamlining processes and expertise, Edelman earns and builds trust that influences the way it can help a client. With its experience and its team of creative thinkers and go-getters, Edelman has the power to aid and build relationships between company and client – for the foreseeable future. Named Best Global PR & Communications Firm – Malaysia, Edelman Malaysia has swiftly and consistently earned its clients’ trust and admiration. It has earned itself a spot at the top where the future looking exciting and bright. Contact: Sailesh Wadhwa Company: Edelman Malaysia Web Address: https://www.edelman.my/ A Cycle of Trust Jun22518 “While each client is unique, our standards of excellence are universal.”