Q4 2022

May22239 Known for its management and consultancy services in the hospitality, manufacturing, tourism and travel, oil and gas, and education sectors, ASK Management Group is supported by highly qualified individuals with various specialisations and expertise. We find out more in the wake of the firm being recognised in the South East Asia Business Awards 2022. ASK Management Group, known as ASKhrdf™, is a training partner rather than a provider of off the shelf courses. Its focus is to ensure a significant and measurable contribution to the clients that it works with and, for more than 10 years now, ASKhrdf™ has consistently aimed to bring the latest thinking, the leading techniques, and the most accomplished and experienced trainers into high performing organisations, large and small, throughout the Malaysia and Asia Pacific region and beyond. “We specialise in customised training programmes that help organisations become leaner, more compliant and more progressive,” explains Dato’ Franz Swoboda, Principal Advisor and Consultant at ASKhrdf™. “Through a decade, we have trained thousands of clients from all major multinational companies in a myriad of industries.” Franz is one of the prominent veterans of the Malaysian hospitality fraternity. In both lifestyle and hospitality tourism, Franz has walked his career path managing some prominent properties in Malaysia, namely The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur as General Manager, Berjaya Hotel & Resorts, Ion Delemen Resort Genting Highlands, and many others. Franz is a true business acumen of hospitality. He has led successful business operations through his commanding leadership which has been recognised by his employers and partners across the country. Within ASKhrdf™, Franz plays an important and active role as advisor on learning needs of the hospitality training and development in Malaysia and beyond. The company’s motto is to empower your talents with skills and capability to boost their organisations to reach the higher standards, drive efficiency and boost profitability and business sustainability and the courses that have been designed to meet these needs are renowned for their dynamic, practical, realworld approach. “These customised programmes are built on a foundation of the best practices in the real business world,” Franz elaborates. “That is also the reason that many industry leaders trust us to train their people.” Amongst its clientele are many big name brands and organisation, such as Sentosa Development Group, HSBC Singapore, Lee Rubber, Ministry of Manpower Singapore, Shell Singapore, IBM, Panasonic, Singapore MRT, and Singtel, to name but a few. However by far the most popular training module has been the hospitality solution that ASKhrdf™ provides, which has been sought and used by any hotels and resort partners across the Asia Pacific region. “People are not tools,” Franz states. “They are unquestionably more important. But while most organisations invest in maintaining and upgrading their tools and equipment as a matter of procedures, they falter when comes to affording their people the same attention.” At a time when organisations are faced with many uncertainties, the need for good leaders is becoming increasingly crucial in driving businesses to achieve sustainable improvement and growth. This is where ASKhrdf™ comes in, to actively improve productivity of organisations by developing their people, making them better organised, better communicators, and better equipped to resolve issues within their jobs. Recently, the firm was recognised in the South East Asia Business awards 2022 and bestowed with the title of Best Hospitality Industry Training Provider 2022 – Malaysia. Regarding the future, Franz tells us that more of the same is on the cards. “By developing the performance edge, people naturally become better managers and leaders. Visible improvements will be immediate, providing instant results with long terms benefits. “With ASKhrdf™, we will continue to work to change and improve the way your people think, work, act and communicate, hence their value to your organisation will grow indefinitely.” The coming years look exciting and bright for ASKhrdf™. Contact: Dato’ Franz Swoboda Company: ASK Management Group Sdn Bhd Web Address: www.askhrdf.com Best Hospitality Industry Training Provider 2022 – Malaysia Jun22086