Q4 2021

APAC / Issue Q4 2021 9 , May21509 Binary Digital is in the service of providing transformative digital solutions that inspire meaningful engagements. It has been fortunate to have worked with local and global market leaders across different industries with some projects recognised internationally for digital andmarketing effectiveness. Binary Digital is an end-to-end solution provider covering requirements from strategy, campaign and platform development, through to rollout on channel tactics down to analytics. It has an inhouse team of marketing and development experts, which allows it to provide a holistic package at competitive rates. Two heads are better than one, and teamwork is a priority at Binary Digital. Its people value each other’s opinion and expertise, and this is something that the company makes the most of. They trust each other but at the same time maintain personal accountabilities, ensuring that they remain true to their commitments. Growth is also valued, taking the time to learn from each other and expose themselves to external best practices to maintain competitive advantage. The Binary Digital team is proud of its achievements over the seven years since the company’s establishment. It is continuously growing, keeping up with changing trends and consumer behaviours, be-friending data, understanding potential needs and gaps and coming up with solutions that can bridge these. Its service is built on trust and mutual respect. Its clients are its partners, and it makes sure that their goals and interests align with its own – equal opportunities to listen, be heard, and work on a mutually beneficial way forward. The team didn’t let its service and dedication falter during the pandemic either. The primary challenge for Binary Digital’s clients was continuity – with the restrictions, clients really had challenges with continuing consumer relations and standing out in the (digital) space, which was getting cluttered because it was the only space that everyone could use. Together with BTL agencies (Oncue Media, Hey Communications, and Five Seconds Advertising) of the Tagline Group, its holdings company, Binary Digital was quick to spot potential opportunities for more immersive online engagements and pursue them before anyone else. That’s how it’s Virtual Events and Activation Platform came to life – with its mastery of on-ground engagements and digital capabilities, it was able to build a first-of-its-kind virtual events platform that could house multimedia touchpoints and gamified journey for a differentiated online experience. Consumer engagements are really all about influencing a sense of normalcy and providing respite amid the stressful external environment. So, entertainment, and variety of touchpoint format was critical. User experience incorporated walkthroughs and flythroughs, as if they were navigating an actual space. Of course, everything had to be mobile first – responsive, easy to navigate, most of the time accessible with minimum bandwidth requirement. Speaking about what the future holds for the firm, Managing Director, Anika Punzalan said, “While we are proud of what we have achieved, we know that we have barely scratched the surface in digital engagements, and there’s a plethora of opportunities that we have yet to explore. But we are looking into more innovations like AR, AI, and the like as we further navigate consumer needs going into the next normal.” Company: Binary Digital Advertising Inc. Contact: Anika Punzalan Email: [email protected] Website: www.binary.digital Digital Transformation Specialists of the Year – the Philippines