Q4 2021

8 APAC / Issue Q4 2021 , Best Full-Service Law Firm - Singapore Finding a highly professional, affordable, one-stop, lawfirm can be difficult at the best of times. Here’s where I.R.B Law LLP comes in. With its dedicated teamof professionals, I.R.B is able to offer complete legal services to its clients across Singapore, offering them support in variety of legal matters. We find out more following the firm’s recent success at the South East Asia Business Awards 2021. Founded just over six years ago, I.R.B Law LLP has since grown a team of just three lawyers to an enterprise comprising at least 50 employees, among whom are lawyers, paralegals, and other professionals. After building such a strong team, I.R.B has created a bold, reliable foundation upon which to reinforce long-lasting relationships with existing clients as well as potential new clients, as it supports them in a range of legal matters of varying complexity. The firm was founded on four principles: Integrity, Affordability, Quality, and Hard Work. Each member of the I.R.B team promotes these principles and enforces them within the work they do. From client to client, I.R.B staff offers respect and professionalism for each job undertaken, and all at an affordable price, so that everyone has a fair chance at receiving the best advice. I.R.B boasts expertise ranging from Family Law to Estate Law and Litigation and Dispute Resolution; from Personal Legal Procedures and Syariah Law to Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Insolvency Law, as well as Corporate and Commercial Law, and many other areas of speciality such as criminal defence and due diligence. There is a service for everyone who needs it, and I.R.B knows exactly how to deal with each situation with respect, understanding, and non-judgement. As a medium-sized firm, I.R.B is able to provide a bespoke service as a one-stop shop of legal advice, whilst still remaining able to handle large scale international transactions and cross-border corporate legal matters. Its clients vary from individuals to business professionals, and it operates on a fixed fee arrangement for all of them. The payments are already agreed so that there are no surprises for anyone involved. As a bonus, I.R.B is committed to giving back, and is dedicated to sponsoring a number of organisations, including the National University of Singapore and the Singapore Management University. By offering awards to students throughout these universities, I.R.B is encouraging people to pursue their dreams as well as being inspired to continue working hard to see both their personal and professional ambitions come to fruition. Overall, I.R.B is an awardwinning, full-service law firm that flexes its highly professional and extremely accurate skill sets on a daily basis, so that everyone can experience a better legal process, for less. Contact: Haryani Othman Web Address: www.irblaw.com.sg Jun21110