Q4 2021

APAC / Issue Q4 2021 11 , Widely recognised as a leading full-service lawfirmof both China and Asia, Jincheng Tongda &Neal has grown to become one the world’s most respected authorities on a comprehensive range of business and legal matters. Operating across twelve offices as part of a global network, JT&N boasts an impressive roster of awards and accreditations, that has this year expanded to include twomore from the APAC Legal Awards 2021. We find out more about the firmand this year’s recipient of Corporate Attorney of the Year (China), Ms Zhang Yunyan. Founded in 1992, Jincheng Tongda & Neal (JT&N) is today recognised as a leading fullservice law firm of China, with a reputation for excellence that extends across Asia and around the world. The award-winning firm is equipped with profound expertise that spans an extensive range of practice areas, including Corporate Law, Finance, Intellectual Property, International Trade, Litigation and Real Estate. Through this extensive service list, JT&N is on a mission to provide tailored legal services that fully satisfy client demands, and to deliver those services efficiently, economically, and to a high-performance standard. With its team of more than a hundred qualified and talented attorneys based in twelve offices located in key urban centres across China and one liaison office in Tokyo, Japan, JT&N is able to deliver on its commitment to implementing all the required resources and skills to take on the legal matters of its clients, no matter their size or complexity. Consequently, JT&N is trusted by a broad and diverse client base. The firm represents many leading international and domestic companies, including large and medium-sized stateowned enterprises, publicly listed companies and private enterprises, multinational corporations, financial institutions, investment funds, as well as government authorities and many other organisations and individuals Jincheng Tongda & Neal Best Securities & Capital Markets Law Firm – China & Corporate Attorney of the Year (China): Zhang Yunyan in need of legal services. With almost thirty years of experience behind it, JT&N is well-versed in handling legal and business matters across all major economic sectors and business models, making it an ideal choice in partner across industries and regions. However, it is JT&N’s far-reaching business and legal network that truly sets it apart in the global law sector. The legal team at JT&N comprises an exceptional selection of lawyers and attorneys qualified to practise in a myriad of jurisdictions, including the United States, Canada, England and Wales, Australia, and Hong Kong. Among them is Senior Partner, Zhang Yunyan, this year’s winner of Corporate Attorney of the Year (China). An ‘Innovation Scholar’ of Yale University and Chief Legal Advisor of the Global Alliance of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China, Ms Zhang has utilised more than 20 years of legal experience and expertise spanning law, business administration and finance to serve as an independent director to a number of listed companies. Having already been awarded with prestigious accolades such as “Third Class Merit of Individual Lawyer” and “2020 ALB China Top 15 Female Lawyers”, her most recent success at the APAC Legal Awards 2021 is further testament to her excellence in both her main practicing areas like Dispute Resolution and M&A and Capital Markets and Related Foreign Legal Services, as well as her additional expertise in high and new technology and other sectors of business law. The extensive expertise of the JT&N team has resulted in the establishment of loose cooperative relationships with numerous international and domestic law firms around the world, as part of JT&N’s accredited and vast international network that supports the optimisation of resource sharing and business interaction for the benefit of its clients. Moreover, JT&N is a member of ADVOC, a leading international network of independent law firms, with approximately 100 members in more than 60 countries worldwide, and has established an informal cooperation with LEX AFRICA, covering 24 African countries. Yet to maintain a standard of excellence in such a far-reaching organisation requires effective communication – something that JT&N exemplifies in every aspect of its business. From its client-centric ethos that ensures the client is heard and respected in all decisions around their legal matters; to the collaboration it employs across its teams of experts in sourcing the most effective and tailored solutions to meet the needs of its clients; to its strong working relationships with the government of China and elsewhere to ensure its advice remains compliant and relevant on a day to day basis, JT&N benefits from a wide-ranging and trusted network to ensure that it remains a leading authority on a comprehensive range of legal matters, both in Asia and globally. This year, JT&N is able to add two awards to its already impressive roster following its success at the APAC Legal Awards 2021. With these and numerous other accolades at similarly prestigious awards like the Chambers AsiaPacific Awards 2021 and the World Trademark Review to its name, there is little doubt that JT&N has truly established itself as a leading legal firm of the last three decades. Contact: Yunyan Zhang Company: Jincheng Tongda & Neal Web Address: www.jtnfa.com/en/ index.aspx?Lan=EN Sep21672