Q4 2021

10 APAC / Issue Q4 2021 , Best Chemistry & Biology Patent LawExperts 2021 Technical Patent Attorney of the Year (Japan): Mitsunori Kamada When it comes to the technicalities of law, there is a wealth of knowledge that simply cannot be learned fromacademic studies. The teamat Takashima International Patent Office, including the renownedMitsunori Kamada, use their formidable experience to help their clients achieve incredible levels of success. Recognised for their efforts in the APAC Legal Awards 2021, we thought it time to take a closer look at their success. The world of patent law is incredibly complex, and enforcing the protection of someone’s patent can be a challenge even in the best of circumstances. The team behind Takashima International are not just experts in this field in Japan, they can offer support to clients that gives them protection on an international scale. The team’s international approach has been key to their continued success. Over the years, the firm have experienced a large amount of foreign cases not just in terms of the volume of these cases, but the diverse nature of countries involved. This gives them a unique perspective that cannot be matched, as they pick up knowledge from around the globe. The team’s ability to support their clients is only possible thanks to the various affiliated offices that Takashima International is involved with. There are more than 600 different offices around the world, allowing the team to provide their leading services with the local knowledge that is required to secure success. Because of this, Takashima International is proud to offer advanced services in both developed and developing countries. While the team covers a wealth of different technical fields, Takashima International is an inherently collaborative organisation. Instead of having different departments for each field, the people in charge of each area work closely with their counterparts to ensure success. As technologies become more advanced and complex, the need to combine skills is more and more important to organisations. Needless to say, as a result of the team’s collaborative nature, the team have achieved incredible results for their clients. Leading the way forward is the firm’s President, Mr. Kamada. His specialism in life sciences and pharmaceuticals is built on a deep understanding gleaned from B.S. degrees in biology and chemistry from Kyoto University and graduate studies on molecular biology and genetic engineering at Hiroshima University. Since joining Takashima International in 1995, he has been recognised for his incredibly high standards in supporting the needs of his clients. This support crosses borders, with Mr. Kamada’s working for clients based in Japan, the United States, the UK, the rest of Europe, Australia, Israel, China, Taiwan and Korea. His extensive experience in formulating patent strategies and managing patent portfolios allows him to counsel on patent validity, patent infringement and patent or knowhow licensing. It has also seen him invited to provide lectures for IP members and researchers in the various organisations associated with IP issues in Japan. Much of what the Takashima International team does involves the development of new technologies which means that the firm has become experts at understanding innovation as it happens. Every aspect of the team’s work is done in close connection with the clients to ensure that the team communicate the meaning clearly to the relevant parties. A result of this work has been the introduction of a video conference system which has allowed the team to continue their close connections with clients throughout the pandemic. As so much of what the team offers is technical in nature, the team is not split along local and international lines. Instead, everyone involved in a case is fully equipped to handle domestic and foreign cases with equal care. Even when working on a project that is purely based in Japan, the Takashima International team will take the time to prepare a specification that can be used in foreign countries. This act of future proofing is key to the team’s continued success within the industry. It proves not only an international interest in a project but secures these interests on behalf of the client. When it comes to tackling the challenge of international patents, the Takashima International team are the perfect choice. They bring not just a wealth of knowledge, but a wealth of experience that sets them apart from the competition. Their work goes above and beyond, ensuring success for all parties. Company: Takashima International Patent Office Contact: Mitsunori Kamada Email: [email protected] Takashima International Patent Office Sep21038