Q4 2020

8 APAC / Issue Q4 2020 APAC / Issue Q4 2020 9 , Booming Beauty Business Secures Success Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but often an outside perspective can transform the way inwhichwe see ourselves. The teamat Queen’s Market Pte. Ltd. have been recognized internationally as a leader in the industry. Following success in the South East Asia Business Awards, where the teamwere namedMost Innovative Beauty Consulting Firm2020, we dive into the firm’s approach to see how they’ve achieved such success. Eight years ago, Queen’s Market established its Singapore branch, and since then, the team have gone on to achieve truly astonishing results. Amongst locals and foreign visitors alike, they are recognized as beacons in the beauty industry, trusted to deliver truly amazing results. The team focus on delivering high quality beauty services that cover the spectrum of what customers might require. This means attending not only to the traditional outer beauty that many firms focus on, but inner beauty too with counselling. Queen’s Market is built on research and adaptation, focusing on what customers want and trying to match that need. Instead of filling a general market gap, the team are always looking to go one step beyond in order to find a customer’s true needs and develop a bespoke beauty and health plan. Being based in Singapore allows the team to access the latest in beauty treatments from Japan, and Queen’s Market has become a well-known wholesaler of these high-quality products. They are a key gateway to the rest of the world. During the pandemic, it has been very difficult to travel anywhere in the world. For many, therefore, Queen’s Market offers a taste of Japan for those who cannot go. The positioning of Queen’s Market is ideal for many, in the easily accessible business district. Once a customer enters the shop, they are welcomed into a warm and peaceful environment that belies the busy background noise. The focus on building an environment of peace and calm has been key. Instead of creating somewhere bustling, there is clear personal space for all to sit, relax and feel comfortable. Every aspect has been considered. Instead of jumping right in with a beauty treatment, there is time taken to set up a clear target of what is going to happen. This means not just getting rid of any concerning areas or features, but digging deep and discovering what beauty means for the individual. Each beauty consultant has more than ten years’ experience working in Japan, but who can speak English as well. Language is never a barrier when it comes to getting a client’s concerns down on paper. In the last year, much has changed. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, treatments using natural herbs had become extremely popular and the Booming Beauty Business Secures Success Dec19155 May20120 team were looking into new technologies and methods. Exploring the potential of human stem cell treatment had always been a priority for the team, bringing exciting new solutions to the heart of the South East Asian region. The team hoped to ally themselves with hospitals to see what benefits could come from further research and development into beauty and health. Unfortunately, this work has been delayed by COVID-19. The team have adapted quickly to the crisis, increasing their standards of hygiene management to ensure there is a minimal risk of infection. At times like these, it is vital that services such as those provided by Queen’s Market are safe so that the team can continue providing a space to unwind. Beauty should never be ignored, and those who provide services in this field are offering an essential role to many. The team have worked tirelessly to ensure their clients receive the best experience no matter what the circumstances. It’s their adaptability and their commitment that has allowed the team to achieve such success. Company: Queen’s Market Pte. Ltd. Name: Mika Takeda Web: www.queensmarket.com.sg

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