Q4 2020

6 APAC / Issue Q4 2020 , Best Luxury City Centre Hotel - Southern Vietnam Vietnam is a country with a deep and rich cultural history, and few places is that more present than in the city of Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon. With iconic landmarks and instantly recognisable locations, there is only one way to experience the luxury of a stay in Saigon; Caravelle Hotel. Join us as we take a deep dive into this years’ winner of the Best Luxury City Centre Hotel – Southern Vietnam. Since its opening on Christmas Eve 1959, Caravelle Hotel Saigon has gained international renown for being at the heart of everything important in the stunning city. Located right in the city centre, Caravelle is just mere minutes away from many iconic landmarks and locations dotted throughout the city of Saigon, including the Saigon Municipal Theatre, the historic Dong Khoi Street, and the legendary Ben Thanh Market. It is not just outside of its walls however, as the heritage and deep respect also continues within its historic walls. The hotel has been at the epicentre of significant historic and cultural events, beginning with its original design being hailed as one of the tallest and most modern buildings of its kind in Vietnam when it was originally erected. Located in the vibrant and dynamic city of Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City, Caravelle has the benefit of being located in one of the most developed, and most commercial entertainment hubs of Southern Vietnam. However, hiding in the city’s many cracks and crevices are influences and signs from the country’s cultural history. As a city, Saigon is the perfect harmony between sophisticated modernity and historic values. Being based in Saigon for more than sixty years has undoubtedly given Caravelle a reputation for esteemed service that is impossible to beat. Though international hospitality brands have tried, Caravelle stands tall as a beacon of quality and luxury. It continues to distinguish itself by combining heritage values, modern comforts, and societal responsibilities. The unique street views towards the Lam Son Square, City Opera House, and historic Dong Khoi Street, coupled with tailored and hospitable service make Caravelle a stunning option for any guests. The entirety of the hotel oozes with a deep respect for history, though not at the expense of luxurious comfort. Here, heritage and opulence go hand in hand, as the décor in each of the five-star guest rooms meets all the expectations of the modern traveller and businessperson without losing the essence Dec19155 Jun20401 of what makes Caravelle a significant landmark in the city’s history. Each one of the carefully decorated rooms is a page right out of the city’s history, and is the perfect place for a magical stay in the heart of Saigon. Beyond the material, Caravelle also proudly delivers service that focuses on putting guests first, and also being the first choice of guests. The famed hospitality and professionalism of the Vietnamese people has never been more present than it is here, and the Caravelle family mindset has given way to an environment that is incredibly enjoyable to be a part of. For those guests who may have recently visited Caravelle prior to the global pandemic of COVID-19, the renovations that have taken place at the hotel beg a repeat visit. The latest major renovations saw Caravelle able to take further steps on its journey towards becoming even more sustainable than ever before. Going green is a good thing for so many hotels, and to see one of Saigon’s oldest taking this step is an encouraging sign. In fact, Caravelle is something of a pioneer amongst its peers in this regard. Following the strict guidelines from EarthCheck, a pro-sustainability body for the hospitality sector based in Australia, Caravelle has been the first hotel in Vietnam to be certified Gold. These latest renovations seek to propel that rating to Platinum, with upgraded air conditioning, LED lighting, water-flushing systems, refillable glass water bottles, and a bolstered effort to save energy where possible. Caravelle has long been a staple of luxury and famed hospitality in the centre of Saigon, but this latest commitment to sustainability has forged a new chapter in the city’s rich history. For anyone looking for that perfect base from which to explore all of the hidden treasures that the city has to offer, there is simply no better choice than this wonderfully modern and historically cultural hotel. Company: Caravelle Hotel Saigon Contact: Bora Hyun Web: www.caravellehotel.com

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