Q4 2020

4 APAC / Issue Q4 2020 APAC / Issue Q4 2020 5 NEWS NEWS , , Proponent, the world’s larg- est independent aerospace distributor, today announced its new partnership with Al- len Airlines, an innovative, boutique Airline start-up offering trav- el between New York and Hong Kong. Following Proponent’s recent announce- ment of their new Singapore facility, this move further supports Proponent’s com- mitment to expanding their aviation ser- vice and expertise within Asia. Joe S.T. Wang, Chairman and CEO of Allen Airlines said, “During my spe- cial trip to California, and after meeting with the team in Los Angeles, we knew a partnership with Proponent would be important. Providing a safe and first-rate airline service depends heavily on supe- rior quality aircraft components delivered as and when we need them.” He went on to say, “In the face of COVID-19, many airlines face serious challenges, but we feel confident knowing that with Proponent we will be fully equipped and supported to succeed and thrive through these times.” Allen Airlines was founded in January 2019 by Joe S.T. Wang as a modern and personalized means of travel. Allen Air- lines has established facilities at John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York, US) with the first long haul flight route going from New York to Hong Kong. Al- len Airlines also plans on providing short haul flights within Asia. As the major components supplier, Pro- ponent will be providing primarily seating, galley, lavatory, and trolley components initially with plans in place to expand. Jeff Nixon, COO at Proponent, said: “We are thrilled to have Allen Airlines as a new customer of Proponent and are privileged to be able to meet their service needs and be a part of their prosperous journey into the aviation industry.” Through this partnership, Darkfeed will supply actionable intelligence to help organizations accel- erate and automate decision-making with unparalleled confidence and efficiency. With Darkfeed, ThreatQ users gain access to Sixgill’s unmatched threat intelligence from un- derground sources, enabling them to stay ahead of attacks. It supports incident investigation by providing critical information on emerging threats in addition to providing deep context that allows organizations to pinpoint threat actors and take appropriate action. “Sixgill Darkfeed delivers unmatched, actionable intelligence directly from the criminal un- derground,” said Ron Shamir, VP Products & Technology Alliances at Sixgill. “Together with ThreatQuotient, we are supplying organizations with the information they need to preempt at- tacks, investigate incidents, and connect the dots to the larger picture.” Darkfeed produces data in several formats, including STIX, meaning it seamlessly integrates with the ThreatQ platform and provides users with the ability to better anticipate attacks and proactive- ly protect their organizations. “The sheer number of alerts that security teams face make it difficult to separate signals from noise,” said Haig Colter, Director, Alliances, ThreatQuotient. “But Sixgill Darkfeed delivers very accurate and contextual intelligence, making it a force multiplier to increase the speed and effi- ciency of security teams.” Sixgill Partners With ThreatQuotient to Accelerate Threat Response Proponent continues growth in APAC region by partnering with Allen Airlines. Sixgill, the leader in threat intelligence enablement and enrichment, has recently announced that Sixgill Darkfeed, the company’s predictive feed of actionable indicators of compromise (IOCs), is now available to users of ThreatQuotient’s ThreatQ platform. Flying High!

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