Q4 2020

12 APAC / Issue Q4 2020 APAC / Issue Q4 2020 13 , More Than A Pretty Face Based in the Philippines, Fashion smile Dental Health &Wellbeing provides the highest standard of dental and aesthetic care, to give clients a beautiful smile and the confidence to show it off. We profiled the clinic to discover more about the award-winning service the team effortlessly provides. Fashion Smile Dental Health & Wellness combines the rich culture and aesthetics of Persia with the first-class hospitality services of the Philippines to provide a comprehensive dental, aesthetics and facial care facility. Over the last decade, founders Dr Shahideh and Dr Far have sought to educate consumers about the importance of dental health and wellbeing and the state-of-the-art spa facility is geared to offer the highest standards of evidence- based dental care. “Our philosophy is to always put clients first,” explains Dr Far. “We make sure that the services and treatments we offer address all their needs and requests. We check all cases personally, and we keep adding and updating equipment to make sure we have the most advanced technology in the market.” The clinic styles itself as a one- stop-shop for the facial aesthetics market, and the range of services and treatments offered include laser teeth whitening; Hollywood Smile Makeovers; dental implants and surgery; orthodontics; facial aesthetics; and skin rejuvenation, to ensure that wellbeing goes beyond simply having a beautiful smile. “The reason we offer multiple services for aesthetic is to avoid passing around clients, and we can take responsibility for the whole treatment, from start to finish,” Dr Far continues, speaking about the rationale behind Fashion Smile’s unique offering. “We can tackle skin and beauty to enhance the beautiful smile achieved with us and to make sure our clients always smile in style.” Dr Far has always had a passion for dentistry, having spent many hours as a child in her mother’s dental studio, so it was the natural choice for Dr Far to complete her doctorate of Dental Medicine at Centro Escolar University. Constantly honing her dental skills and keeping up with new technologies available ensures that Dr Far is at the top of her game. Dr Shabideh also hails from a dental family with her father being a surgeon, and once gaining her qualifications, Dr Shabideh spent some time working at her parent’s hospital in Karaj. She began working in orthodontics after wanting to help boost children’s confidence by aligning their teeth and thus improving their smiles. Now, it is predominantly celebrity clients More Than A Pretty Face Dec19155 Jul20074 who Dr Shabideh (also known as Dr ‘Glam’) helps to achieve their dazzling smiles. Fashion Smile differentiates itself from others in this competitive sector by constantly evolving to use the latest and safest technology available, as Dr far comments: “We contribute to the dental industry by bringing in first-class technology that might not yet be available in the country and our specialists are experts in their field, having created beautiful smiles and satisfactory results for more than 10 years.” And it seems that business is certainly not slowing down, as Fashion Smile has recently opened its second branch of the clinic, and has more planned in the future. “Our culture is one of enthusiasm and honesty. We are looking for people to work with us who care unconditionally to ensure that we give all of our patients a positive, comfortable experience and assist in every step of the treatment.” Company: Fashion Smile Dental Clinic Contact: Dr. FAR SHAMSI Web: www.fashionsmile.ph