Q4 2020

10 APAC / Issue Q4 2020 APAC / Issue Q4 2020 11 , Best Gemstone Analysis & Testing Specialists 2020 When buying and selling priceless diamond and gemstone jewellery, you need to have peace of mind and faith in its authenticity. Leading the growing gemological certification industry inMalaysia, Global Gemological Laboratory Sdn Bhd are giving that peace to traders. Global Gemological Laboratory Sdn Bhd are a leading, professional gemological laboratory. They offer testing, identification and certification services on natural diamonds, gemstones (such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds and topazes), jade and pearls. The Global Gemological gem lab technicians are highly experienced and qualified. The laboratory is outfitted with the latest advanced equipment and technology, while the team upholds the International Gemological Standards and best practices in their examinations. They are a state-of-the-art team, who “leave no (gem) stone unturned!” Each and every diamond, coloured stone, piece of jewellery or pearl that passes through the laboratory is carefully assessed and analysed. The reputable laboratory is driven by a strong moral compass and the value they put on trustworthiness, ethics and integrity. The analysis they carry out is a seven-step process. 1. The gems are delivered to the front office, weighed, and logged in the secure database. 2. A gemologist will clean the gemstone and begin the meticulous process of methodological evaluation under a microscope. Every miniscule detail is recorded. 3. The previous step is repeated multiple times by multiple technicians to ensure accuracy. 4. Data is generated and added to the database. This reduces human error and centralises the measurements. 5. The test outcomes are analysed by another gemologist. 6. A report is created and issued with a unique, global serial number. 7. The gem is ready for collection. Carrying out tests on such valuable items means that Global Gemological need to be fully licensed and hold themselves to a professional standard. They are a fully licensed laboratory. They are the official Gemological Laboratory of The Federation of Goldsmiths & Jewellers Associations Malaysia (FGJAM) for Jewellery Auction. They are recognised by the government of Malaysia. Best Gemstone Analysis & Testing Specialists 2020 Dec19155 Aug20180 The individual qualifications of the team are just as impressive. They are a diverse mix of globally trained gemologists. They hold various certifications from the most prestigious institutions around the world. These include the Gemological Institute of America, the Asia Institute of Gemological Sciences and the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. It adds depth to their collective worldview of gemology and covers a broad spectrum of natural gemstone materials. While their professional qualifications equip the Global Gemological team with the technical knowledge, their specialty lies in combining analytical skills with the state-of- the-art equipment they have at their facility. The company has invested in an array of the latest up-to-date technology to deliver accurate testing reports. Whether you are a gemstone trading specialist, a corporate buyer, or simply just a hobbyist, you can rely on them. Global Gemological have the utmost faith in the reports that they produce. Each one is made available globally through their website – all you need is the unique serial number to look it up. The reports are recognised and accepted across the world. This transparency adds authenticity to their work and, coupled with their certification, provide a wholly reliable service. In South East Asia, the gemological accreditation business is relatively well established, particularly in places such as Thailand and Singapore. In Malaysia where Global Gemological is based, however, the market is still at its infant stage. The challenge they face is about creating awareness and educating consumers about the importance of buying gemstones that come with a gemological report issued by a reputable gem lab. That said, the work that Global Gemological and others in the industry are doing is having an effect. More and more jewellers in Malyasia are beginning to prefer to get their gemstones certified and examined. It gives them peace of mind when it comes to selling and buying jewellery. Company: Global Gemological Laboratory Sdn Bhd Contact: Khaw Jian Luen Web: www.globalgemological.com

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