APAC Issue Q4 2019

APAC / Issue Q4 2019 17 Operating across the country, the company’s philosophy of being self-sufficient in terms of its plant fleet benefits from efficient in-house servicing, repair and fabrication expertise. Looking ahead to developments across the Australian corporate landscape, Avopiling are keenly aware of emerging trends. There has been a trend within the corporate landscape of foreign investment through acquisition of established local businesses. Australian family ownership of major and specialist contractors has been significantly reduced. As a family-owned and managed business, the firm are looking to maintain the culture that has served it so well, and continue to offer local-based solutions to its loyal customer base. Ultimately, thirty years of success for Avopiling have contributed to the company remaining one of Australia’s best local businesses for geotechnical and ground engineering solutions. From construction through to certification, the services on offer by this company are ensuring safe Australian infrastructure for years to come. Company: Avopiling Pty Ltd Contact: Mark Kliner Website: www.avopiling.com.au Delivering Specialist Solutions Down Under

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