APAC Issue Q4 2019

14 APAC / Issue Q4 2019 , Jan19458 Welcome to The Jungal You wake up one day and realise the end of your career is near. Resting in bed and digesting this insight you wait for the day to start. But rather than feeling despair, fear or maybe a touch of grief, you feel elated and excited for the future because the new style of work is finally here. A new style of opportunity that offers individual freedoms, professional challenge and financial success without the need for office politics. The new style of work has emerged, and it is leading the charge of those great professionals who realise that they no longer need to join a traditional employee/employer model to gain seniority and professional expansion. The old world of career management, via organisations, is being challenged by specialised platforms that offer a new hybrid version of niche freelancing. This ‘ by invitation ’ based membership allows people and companies to come together with purpose and mutual focus and supported by a stringent verification process. The old days of the single boss who may or may not be good, seem like a distant memory. The award-winning platform for Australian professionals built byMCBI. Facilitated by global platforms such as The Jungal ™, these new forms of career led ‘experiences’ link skilled and verified people and businesses together for a specific purpose of project. These high-end platforms have been deliberately designed to showcase those individuals who enjoy doing their best on every assignment, and are enthusiastic about taking on a variety of gigs over time to build up a career portfolio of achievements. The Jungal is one of the many new online homes of high spirited and passionate professionals to present themselves with dignity and befitting their expertise. Unlike some of the ‘race to the bottom’ platforms, The Jungal is a place for confidential assignments to be offered to a select group of members. The reason you’re delighted as you say goodbye to an old style professional? Access to the Jungal is not automatic and is offered to high performers to keep the quality of the tribe well above the average working environment. Once granted, you discovered your membership brings with it a ‘club-based working’ complete with a concierge, clients offering openness and an authentic opportunity to develop. Days will always be better in the award winning Jungal. Company: Jungal Web Address: www.jungal.com.au

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