Q3 2022

Mar22270 Mayr22257309 Modern businesses require modern solutions. With so many things changing year after year in business and technology, keeping up with the times is no longer a choice – it is a necessity. Companies like EDS Global are well aware of this and offer a suite of tools and services to ensure others aren’t left in the dust. EDS Global was established in 2009 to provide bespoke digital solutions, growing its business in line with the rapid technological advancements over the timeit has been active. Today, it gives enterprises sophisticated business solutions built on the internet, Cloud, biometrics, and much more. Said enterprises have experienced higher revenues, improved customer experience, and increased employee satisfaction. This is all linked back to the products and services of EDS Global. Its solutions inspire innovation and increase efficiency within a client organisation, helping enterprises expand and compete on the global stage. Amongst its services is the EDS B2B2C Ecommerce Cloud Platform; built using the internet and cloud technology, EDS Global crafted the perfect tool to inspire innovation and improve efficiency. This pioneering program focuses on delivering a fully integrated solution that connects its client’s product inventory to all of its sales channels, offering an automated and streamlined IT process that helps front-end sales channels to process payments. The platform can accommodate organisations that use techbased or manual systems to manage transactions. It is both modular and flexible, and its many features and components can be customised or selected to fit various business models and strategies. Its features include an eCommerce frontend website, mobile apps, WeChat Official Accounts, WeChat Mini App, and a selfservice kiosk. Additionally, its connectivity options are effectively limitless; the platform even has connections to other markets (such as China) that businesses can easily leverage, all powered using API technology and offering sales over every major financial service. The lists of features and uses are enormous, and the tool the EDS Global team has put together is an invaluable one, pushing the boundaries of our interaction with technology. The organisation has reported a staggering 40,000+ of its Smart Devices have been deployed since their development. It is responsible for a suite of cuttingedge technology that makes strides in pushing biometric and cloud-based technology to the next level. Examples include the Facial Recognition Admission Control Turnstile – turnstiles that monitor, count, and maintain reliable access control, utilising time recording systems and ID readers, including contactless and biometric systems. These turnstiles create environments where reliable and high-volume access to an area can still be maintained without monitoring personnel. Particularly as they are equipped with a controller that communicates with a Cloud platform, leaving all data free for perusal and monitoring at any time. Improvement such as this is the core of EDS Global’s output, integrating modern and new-age technology into preexisting solutions to elevate them to something more than the sum of their parts. Overall, EDS Global’s solutions work to improve its customer’s productivity and efficiency gains to increase profitability, inspire growth and improve bottom-line results. Its client organisations are better able to compete, increase market share, and extend product lifecycles. As a result, the business’s value rises and makes itself more attractive to shareholders. Overall, businesses it partners with are frankly better off for it in multiple ways, tooled to be more efficient and innovative in a variety of ways; EDS Global’s ability to facilitate this in its client’s organisations is precisely why it has become so successful and why it holds the title of an award-winning organisation. Contact: Howard Lai Company: EDS Global Sdn Bhd Web Address: edsglo.com Most Innovative IoT Solution Awards – SEA