Q3 2022

Feb22538 RBA firmly believes in growing your business. From bespoke techniques to tried and tested methods, the firm’s multilingual team is there to guide you and your company towards evolution and financial success. Tax management can be confusing, stressful, and complicated, especially for businesses. Henceforth, hiring external help can often be beneficial – it removes such burdens, allowing you to get back to what’s important. Moreover, firms can often provide advice that will bolster your business’ growth and, subsequently, improve profits. One firm that operates in this field is RBA, a boutique specialised firm – which is part of the Rosemont Group – that offers corporate and accounting services. It supports its diverse clientele with the management of their payroll, compliance, tax, accounting, and finance duties, which are all areas in which the firm boasts an abundance of expertise. Simply, RBA are local experts with a global reach. Indeed, thanks to its integrated offices the company extends around the globe, with a particular focus on South East Asia. Its established offices, which can be found in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Thailand, cater to clients of all sizes, regardless of whether they are an individual or a corporate entity, a multinational corporation, or an SME. As such, it provides bespoke solutions so that clients know that they are always receiving a service that prioritises their business, goals, and needs. A significant portion of RBA’s success stems from the devotion of its team; they are hardworking and possess a great amount of experience and knowledge surrounding the finance industry. They strive to provide a service that is central to the client experience, with building long-term relationships remaining a key focus. In turn, RBA offers a plethora of employee benefits, from training to unlimited paid leave. The firm believes that by nurturing the wellbeing of its team, it will continue to climb the ladder of success, as, after all, without the team, RBA wouldn’t be able to function. Henceforth, the organisation is on a path that leads to even greater prestige. Over the past two years, RBA has seen an influx of family office registrations across Singapore, which can perhaps be attributed to the Covid-19 outbreak. As a result, RBA will be working on accelerating its fund administration and family office services in order to meet the rising demand. RBA endeavours to continue providing its clients with a premium service throughout the end of 2022. Contact: Pierre Vanrenterghem Company: RBA Web: https://rba-asia.com Best SME Tax Firm 2022 May22685