Q3 2022

Mar22270 Mayr22217904 The Metro Manila area is beautiful and bustling and a testament to urban development. In this gorgeous area, the Molito Lifestyle Center still stands out like an oasis, a striking mix of modernity and nature. Anyone nearby is pulled in by the alluring sights, sounds, and smells. Here we look to Molito to learn more of its success in the industry. As a group of long 1- to 2-storey buildings housing various restaurants, restobars, and other interesting businesses, Molito is built like a strip mall – but with an aesthetic and atmosphere that oozes class. Molito is a lifestyle centre located in the heart of suburban Alabang, a perfect place to take the family – especially on weekends. At the centre is a small but well-maintained park with luxurious grass that’s a joy to walk on, a rarity nowadays in Metro Manila. Cut through and divided by picturesque pathways with tables, chairs, and standalone benches dotted around the green. Over the years, Molito has continuously developed into a unique venue offering a perfect balance of private, busy, quiet, and accessible. The complex’s healthy mix of bars, restaurants, and adjoining services is complemented by the lush area of greenery and its common spaces for events and plain relaxation. The whole feel and style are driven by the unique character of its neighbourhood: fresh and unpolluted air, community, family, elegance, tradition, and warmth, hosting so many places to dine or snack that the need for multiple visits (to take it all in) is all but written into law. Molito is one of the premier dining areas in the south as there are plenty of restaurants, from mid-range to expensive ones, that serve food from all across the globe. It is perfect for a unique dining experience and an exploration of new, fresh cuisine whether visitors come by for a casual meetup with friends or office team activities. It is a great place to meet with friends or family, whether it be for a casual experience or the celebration of a special occasion. The myriad of common spaces: the courtyard, tent, the pathway, the alley, and the circle are the perfect backdrops for couples, families, or friends to enjoy. With the area’s ample parking spaces, a mix of open-air and indoor places, and the beautiful lights that enhance the area’s one-ofa-kind night-time ambience, it is a must-visit for anyone in the South Metro area. There are events every weekend with special promotions during holidays and unique occasions. There are plenty of live music offerings with many reviewers commenting on the beautiful jazz on the green. Striving to touch the hearts and lives of the different generations of families in the South of Metro Manila and its friends from all over, Metro has become an outstanding place to experience. With a gorgeous ambience that is just the right mix of commercial and natural, accentuated by gorgeous international food and exciting events and music out on the grass, the Molito Lifestyle Center is an essential part of the Metro Manila area and a mustvisit for anyone remotely nearby. Contact: Maria Magat Company: Molito Lifestyle Center Web: https://molito.com.ph/ Most Unique Events Venue – Metro Manila